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Market Mindset Colonization – Americans as the Most Domesticated/Colonized of All

27 Jun

There is nothing for me to say beyond this… Market ‘Mindset’ – Market Based Two Party System MindSet the Ultimate Colonization? Take this in with all cells firing.

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As it Unravels: Kucinich Grills Lewis of B of A

27 Jun

In this quite revealing (on both sides) ‘confrontation’ between Kucinich and Lewis it becomes obvious that not only is Lewis the latest scapegoat but that the Fed and Treasury are using Kucinich to look clean while still no one is reining in the lending ‘servicers’ ‘institutions’ or whatever their latest name is… Those institutions who: [...]


Money and Markets – Martin Weiss on California’s Collapse

22 Jun

In this stunning article Martin Weiss outlines the bottom line truth in America Today: Washington says “We’ll bail out Banks, Bankers, AIG and Our Insider Buddies  – But Not Our States” – Killing California is a bigger risk to the whole of this country than any bank ever was… After all, California is one of [...]


What’s Coming Next – Harry S Dent May 2009 Update

16 Jun

As we round the corner from the 2nd quarter of 2009 and into the 3rd; it is worthwhile to take a look at the signal changes of more than a few stellar thinkers.  Harry Dent is certainly one of these – and so we are willing to give our attention to what he has to [...]