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William Black on Naked Capitalism: Theoclassical Law and Economics Makes The Law an Ass

31 Aug

William Black: Theoclassical Law and Economics Makes the Law an Ass from naked capitalism by Yves Smith 3 people liked this By William K. Black, Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One One of the great [...]


Mandelman Covers Treasury’s Message to Bloggers: H.A.M.P. was never MEANT to Stop Foreclosures, only to ‘slow them down’…

31 Aug

Really? H.A.M.P. was never designed to save homes from foreclosures? It was designed to help the banks? Really? Wow; you sure could have fooled us… based on the results… NOT! AMERICA LOST: Treasury’s meetings with bloggers tells a story that I didn’t want to hear. I talk to a lot of homeowners from all over [...]


Bill Black on Why Cover ups of Fraud Impair Recovery

31 Aug

Why Covering up Fraud Losses Impairs Economic Recovery. Part One. Part One: The Unbearable Lightness of the Accounting Cover Up Bad bankers, bad regulators, and bad politicians love to cover up losses, fraud, and bank failures. The snake oil peddlers pushing for a cover up scream that if losses are recognized capitalism will collapse. Recognizing [...]


Market Ticker on Moody’s Push to Get Municipalities to Agree to Indemnify & Hold It Harmless for Errors in Assigning Ratings on Municipal Bonds

29 Aug

Hubris Defined: Moody’s This is amusing… WASHINGTON — Moody’s Investors Service is pushing state and local issuers to agree to indemnify and hold it and its officers harmless for any mistakes they might make as a precondition to assigning ratings on municipal bond transactions, market participants said Thursday. So let me see if I get [...]


Michael Krieger on Max Keiser: The Elite Have Lost Their Right to Rule

29 Aug

Guest Post: The Elites Have Lost The Right to Rule from by Michael Krieger War is the growth hormone of the cancer that is big government. – Alex Jones A government always finds itself obliged to resort to inflationary measures when it cannot negotiate loans and dare not levy taxes, because it has reason [...]

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Dr. Housing Bubble Gives The Straight Scoop on Why The Falling Housing Prices Will Help The Economy

28 Aug

5 reasons why falling home prices will be good for the economy – Higher homes values does not mean higher home equity, financial sector profits back up to 30 percent of all corporate profits, the mortgage debt equation. A recent report shows that 11 million homeowners with a mortgage are underwater with a deep red [...]


Washington’s Blog on The Home Sales Slump

28 Aug

Why Are Home Sales Plummeting? from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 2 people liked this Why are home sales plummeting? On the surface, it is because the government’s tax-credit for first-time home buyers lapsed in April. It takes a couple of months lag-time between buyer purchase decisions and the actual close of escrow, and so [...]


William K. Black on Max Keiser – A Must Watch Event

26 Aug

Bill Black on Max Keiser Need we say more? Tier Terra Capital is part one of the show; Bill Black is part 2. A super show.


Mandelman Reports on Latest Court Decision On HAMP – Must Reading for HomeOwners Seeking Modifications

26 Aug

This is getting interesting.  A judge in U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, has issued an order that may just answer a few prayers of many homeowners.  Here’s what happened… A San Diego homeowner, by the name of Ademar Marques, was applying for a loan modification, and, although it might be hard for many [...]


JPMorgan on Sovereign Defaults: Not If – When; Jesse’s Take

25 Aug

This piece is interesting because the underlying story is that JP Morgan is telling us the reality is – even in terms of government defaults is predicted by the JP Morgan darling heads of the financial kingdom… is anyone noticing the private banking institutions are telling us what the story is? No, not the ‘political [...]