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Max Keiser on Guns and Butter – Interview: Markets, Crashes

30 Dec

In this interview Max covers the ongoing market manipulation since thefirst ‘gun to the head’ as Max calls it, was used by Hank Paulson to the present; high frequency trading and the death of the free markets. Guns and Butter –


The Keiser Report: 12/30/2010 US Broke, Plutocracy, Kleptocracy & the IMF

30 Dec

Here comes 2011 and the question Max and Stacy are asking is “will the US suck as bad in 2011 as they were in 2010? Hmmm. Unfortunately, the answer is pretty clear… Plutocracy has given way to kleptocracy as the IMF remodels their US headquarters; Tony Blair gets paid 42.5 million for “advising” Kuwait while [...]


Could Be Karl’s Got a Point Here… B of A Might Ought To Worry More About Warren’s CFPB Than Protecting Their “Image”

22 Dec

In his latest post, Karl Denninger notes that B of A is busy buying up domain names of their top execs and etc with the word ‘sucks’ attached… And that this may not be their biggest problem… Turns out he might be dead on it: it’s not what Ms. Warren says nearly so much as [...]


At What Point Is Wanton Destruction and Lawlessness Punished? How Far Will Banks Be Allowed To Go Before Public Outrage Demands Change?

21 Dec

This story from NakedCapitalism is just another example of so many hundreds of stories and at least now a few, thanks to the Attorneys General of Arizona and Nevada, being covered in the main stream media… How many stories will it take to counter the massive Main Stream Media “Dead Beat Homeowner’” propaganda war?  How [...]


Market Ticker on HuffPost WikiBankGate: Fraud, Schemes, Willful & Intentional Blinders

21 Dec

Karl, as ever, is as brazen as he is crude but he makes the right point here. Indeed it was never a question of knowledge; it was a question of not wanting to admit what was obvious all along. Huffington Post’s View on WikiBankGate The Market Ticker ® – Commentary on The Capital Markets Posted [...]


Ellen Brown on Dissident Voice:

21 Dec

Here’s another great piece from Ellen Brown on the Central Banks, in particular, the FED. Central Banking 101 What the Fed Can Do as “Lender of Last Resort” by Ellen Hodgson Brown / December 20th, 2010 We’ve seen behind the curtain, as the Fed waved its magic liquidity wand over Wall Street. Now it’s time [...]


Who Profits From FoodStamps? JP Morgan

20 Dec

1 in 8 Americans uses Foodstamps as of right now December 2010. One in four American children, by the way – and JP Morgan is the profiteer of the Foodstamp business. The same guys who inflated your mortgage and bankrupted the nation, are the ones profiting from the poverty they create.  Not just foodstamps, but [...]


Michael Hudson: One Clear Sane Voice In the Global Economic Crisis

20 Dec

In this brilliant interview Michael Hudson lays it out in plain English so that anyone can understand what is really going on in the ‘global financial crisis’ which is not a crisis at all so much as it is a powerplay by the financial heavy weights and their corporate bosses to destroy and destabilize the [...]


Chris Whalen: Should Hank Paulson Be in Jail? – Washington’s Blog Reports

20 Dec

Should Hank Paulson Be In Jail? from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 2 people liked this Leading bank analyst Chris Whalen has raised the question of whether criminal charges should be brought against former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Any discussion of whether Paulson committed unlawful actions as Treasury Secretary needs to start with Tarp. As [...]


Naked Cap: Florida Judge Cancels All Foreclosures in His District to Year End

20 Dec

Florida Judge Cancels All Foreclosure Sales in His Division Through Year End from naked capitalism by Yves Smith Per the order below (hat tip Matt Weidner) a judge in Broward County appears to have cancelled all foreclosure sales in one of the foreclosure division from December 20 to December 31: Broward County Judicial Order Canceling [...]