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Recon Trust, B of A’s “Unit” RECONTRUST Foreclosures Halted In Nevada by Court, Homeowner Filing

30 Jan

It’s nice to see a little good news in the fight against fraudulent practices and bad banking behaviors. In this latest story, it’s a day-care providing mom/homeowner who is taking up the fight and just saying no to the bad acts of B of A and their “unit”, Recon Trust, from foreclosing on her home [...]


Ellen Brown: Washington State Joins Movement For Public Banking; States In Financial Crisis

28 Jan

WASHINGTON STATE JOINS MOVEMENT FOR PUBLIC BANKING from WEB OF DEBT BLOG by Ellen Brown Bills were introduced on January 18 in both the House and Senate of the Washington State Legislature that add Washington to the growing number of states now actively moving to create public banking facilities. The bills, House Bill 1320 and [...]


Washington’s Blog: Inside Scoop on the FCIC Report

28 Jan

Inside Scoop on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission from Washington’s Blog by George Washington 2 people liked this Nobel prize winning economists George Akerloff and Joseph Stiglitz, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, leading economists such as Robert Shiller, Anna Schwartz, James Galbraith, former lead S & L regulator William K. Black, former Tarp overseer Elizabeth [...]


FDL: Treasury Tries to Defend HAMP at COP Hearing

26 Jan

Hmm… The facts still look the same from here. Massive failures on all fronts j- HAMP creates an incentive to foreclose… Doesn’t seem to work for homeowners… and the bickering goes on as claims that ‘we are making progress’ fall out into the general noise like so much after the lost game cheerleading. Oh, and [...]


My Budget 360: FDIC and US banking industry continued insolvency…

19 Jan

FDIC and US banking industry continued insolvency – 11 percent of US banks are labeled as troubled financial institutions. CEO on the record of exporting American middle class. The US banking system is largely a system based on consumer confidence.  You would require the confidence of Zeus if you had $13.3 trillion in assets backed [...]


New York Supreme Court King’s County January 10 2011

18 Jan

Another opinion and decision from State Supreme Court – this time it’s New York… 2011 NY Slip Op 50017(U) DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, Plaintiff, v. AUDITYA S. RAMOTAR, ET AL., Defendants. 1730/2009Supreme Court, Queens County. Decided January 10, 2011.Frenkel, Lambert, Weiss, Weisman & Gordon, LLP, by Kevin M. Butler, Esq., 20 West Main St., [...]


Nathan: Signs of a Potential Top? Global Signs on a Day the Markets are Closed Here

18 Jan

Holiday Update – Signs of a Potential Top… from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin) Of course today is a holiday and thus markets are closed. However, events in play are adding to the feeling that a potential top in the market is in or is close at hand. I’ll get to the [...]


The Ruling Class Vs Libert – CFTC Says JP Morgan can Break the Law – They’ll Just Change the Law

17 Jan

We came across this over at Max Keiser’s site and had to pass it along. What can we say? Except,  “watch it.” and “Uh huh, we agree pretty much completely.” So JP Morgan will be allowed to continue to play the manipulation game with the metals markets (in particular, silver) and the world will watch [...]


MERS The Plot Sickens, Quiet Title Actions, and The Rule of Law

17 Jan

We have to go with Karl Denninger on this one: when you cheat the system for your own pecuniary benefit, you get the consequences… So here we have a homeowner who got clear title to the property even though the debt was not paid off and there was no release of the mortgage. Why? Because [...]


When US Bank Needs an Assignment from Option One – Who Sold the Mortgage to Lehman’s… John Carney Gives Us All a Good Laugh

11 Jan

We really loved this fictional conversation between US Bank and Option One created by John Carney for his NetNet article over at CNBC… Too Funny. The article is here: Why It Could Be Very Hard for Banks to Avoid Ibanez Mortgage Catastrophes Here’s the excerpt: It might not be so easy. Let’s say you are [...]