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Ibanez Case Goes Against Banks in MA Supreme Court

07 Jan

A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on today out in cyberland over the Ibanez case – we’ll give you a few of the blow by blows from Business Insder, FT’s alphaville, zerohedge and nakedcap – everyone’s a-buzz… Banks Are Tanking After Massachusetts Supreme Court Voids Foreclosures One step forward, one step back.The Massachusetts Supreme Court just […]


MyBudget360: The FED Robbing the Public in Broad Daylight

04 Jan

Federal Reserve welcomes a Brave New Economy – how the Fed is robbing the public in open daylight. Maiden Lane Special Purpose Vehicles purchased toxic mortgages like option ARMs and commercial real estate. Posted by mybudget360 in bailout, banks, casinos, federal reserve, gimmicks, government, wall street 0 Comments The global economy seems to be facing […]


So What Could be Worse Than Robo Signers? Oh – DEAD Robo Signers! Why Didn’t We Think of That??

03 Jan

Just when the world was trying to make noise that things were going to get better in the land of debt collection and mortgage fraud… Sure – B of A will pay Fannie and Freddie something on order of 2 Billion against some (what, 4 or 6 Billion in bad loans?) and we should all […]