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Crime Shouldn’t Pay – National Moviement to Hold Banks Accountable to State AGs

20 Feb

There is a petition going our from CRIME SHOULDN’T PAY .COM supporting a strong action by the 50 Attorneys General around the country to hold the bankers accountable for their criminal behavior. You can read all about it at their site – here is a little of the story: The 50 state Attorneys General are [...]


Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? – Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Answers the Question so well There is NO ROOM FOR DOUBT

18 Feb

Today we read this latest piece from Rolling Stone. The message is abundantly clear: the Oligarchs are firmly in power; the game is over and the people have lost.  If you have any doubt, it will only take you as long as it takes to read this piece to leave the doubt behind. Sadly, at [...]


The Bankster and the Deadbeat Homeowner Debate

08 Feb

This great little cartoon was created on January 31st over at – all we can say is, once everyone understands the underlying truth of the debt based system of credit and money they won’t be agreeing with anyone about ‘free houses’ either – they’ll be wondering how it is the banks got to get [...]


New Bill Black Video: Criminal Charges Must be Laid

03 Feb

Here is the newest Bill Black Video on the economic crisis. Paul Jay interviews Mr. Black on the political background of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and the results of the Commission’s report. “The commission, and congress, are not willing to use the F word.  Fraud. Those descriptions of the causes of the crisis clearly [...]


Bear Stearns Execs Committed Fraud Against Investors – Now Head up Goldman and BofA Desks; Meantime Lenders Seek Court Permission to Destroy 22,100 Boxes of ORIGINAL NOTES…

02 Feb

So, the heads of Bear Stearns knew, JPMorgan knew, the Justice Department knew… Who DID NOT know??? And now the question is whether legal action should be brought against the banks for selling fraudulent securities to insurance companies. Emails Show Bear Stearns Was Selling Its Investors “A Sack Of Sh*t”, And Now JPMorgan May Be [...]