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Keiser Report: “Fed Says Average American Household lost 20%” But Average Net Worth of Billionaires Increased by 25% at the Same Time…

31 Mar

Ah – the billionaire doers according to Steve Forbes are ‘creating the wealth” which is “good for everyone”  hmmmm.  How did that happen?  If it’s true, then how did the average American lose 23% of their wealth? Not a match? Oh that’s okay – Glen Beck is blaming the unions for the loss of wealth [...]


As the Empire Lords Divide the Spoils of Wisconsin, the Peasants in the Streets Argue Over the Pointless Details of Their own Enslavement

18 Mar

Max and Stacy take a closer look at Wisconsin from the secret tunnel connecting the M & I Bank to the State House which Walker has used to shuttle lobbyists into the State House, to the new legislation just passed in Wisconsin which allows governor Walker to sell off any State owned heating or cooling [...]


David DeGraw On the Edge with Max Keiser: Will America Wake Up and Move Beyond the Mass Media Progogated Divide and Conquer at Long Last or Condintue to Fall Victim to the Mass Mind Control of Modern Mass Media Mind Control?

16 Mar

This is a powerful and very important and needed broadcast which addresses up front the left right two side media control of all thinking that is going on in the US today from Wisconsin to Washington – and how we can jump the system and take a new look at the world through the eyes [...]

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David Stern Law Firm Collapse Leaves Thousands of Foreclosure Cases in Limbo

08 Mar

We only wonder how it is that they have managed to stay afloat at all for this long – and hope the courts take appropriate action in those cases where no new lawyer has been retained by the lender for many months… “As many as 20,000 foreclosure cases in the Tampa Bay area have been [...]


National Peoples Action Shuts Down Bank of America Branch

08 Mar

Looks like some of us have had enough. Nice to see the people of America standing up and telling it like it is. new Online Network

07 Mar

We’ve been big fans of David DeGraw for some time now and are thrilled to see he has re-launched the site with a membership network as a part of the site. Head on over and check it out – and you’ll find all kinds of great articles on what is going on and what [...]


Joseph Stiglitz Explains the Current Economic Crisis in America

05 Mar

This is an excellent primer on how we ended up here – where we are seeing major financial crises from local to State budgets, underwater homes, and a population which is getting poorer ever year in the US.


White Collar Criminals Don’t Go to Jail in America

04 Mar

This report is shocking only to those who have been out of touch with the American form of justice for a good while. But it does not have to be the way it remains. It’s up to the American people to demand change. If you are intersted in working to help put the bankers responsible [...]

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Max Keiser and Gerald Celente Cover Current Events Middle East to Main Street, Bankers, Revolution… Governenment and Corporate Collusion

04 Mar

Gerald Celente has been publishing the Trends Journal for decades and has perhaps the best track record of anyone ever in predicting the upcoming events the trends are pointing to.  In this three part On the Edge production from Max Keiser we get a glimpse into what may be coming and what may be possible… [...]


Carbon Dating Proves Loan Docs Are Not Originals in Alabama

04 Mar

Here’s a new twist on the forensic front you mihgt not have heard of yet… FORECLOSURE FORENSIC FILES: CARBON DATING THE PAPER AND THE SIGNATURE TO PROVE FORGERY Posted on March 4, 2011 by Foreclosureblues FORENSIC FILES: CARBON DATING THE PAPER AND THE SIGNATURE TO PROVE FORGERY EDITOR’S NOTE: We have received reports of using radioactive [...]