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It’s Official: CNBC is Insane and America Seems to be Joining Them: Bulldoze the Foreclosed Houses

28 Apr

We have to tell you that we are not optimistic about the state of US brain power. CNBC Video and Headline – even came with a public poll… The zerohedge piece is posted from – but the comments at zh are much more entertaining. Our favorite so far is – “There’s this new invention, [...]


Matt Taibbi on Max Keiser: TALF, Goldman, Carl Levin, And the Bankers Propaganda of America

27 Apr

Two of the best investigators into the criminal financial crisis come together to discuss Matt’s latest piece “The Housewives of Wall Street”. If you are interested in the back story of the FED and TALF and the FED’s emergency lending – who’s on that list?! Senator Sanders gave Matt a call to go over the [...]


Reggie Middleton: There’s Something Fishy at the House of Morgan

27 Apr

It’s a bit thick for those who don’t spend a lot of time reading these sorts of things, but well worth the reading. Reggie’s ‘extremely contrarian position’ of last year has now become fact as his article explains. Get your head around reality: the real estate market still crashing, banking crisis re-ignited, and litigation black [...]


Silver: What’s all the Hubbub? Everyone’s abuzz about Silver – What’s the Real Story?

26 Apr

The world is awash in points of view on the precious metals this week as silver and gold both reach out and touch unprecedented highs and then slip back a notch – What’s all the noise about? Is it really that silver is in a ‘speculative run’? Investors Beware of Another Bubble in Silver Prices [...]


Max Keiser Tours Ireland: Ground Zero of The Financial Wars

21 Apr

In these videos tour of Ireland, Max Keiser covers the extreme conditions of Ireland as a result of the International Bankers’ corrupt fraud and take over of the country. One of the reasons for this overwhelming shock and overwhelm in Ireland is that their laws do not allow the people to “post back the keys [...]


The Senate Investigative Report: Goldman Accused of Perjury by Levin: It’s Time to Bring On The Criminal Charges

19 Apr

  Here is the full 650 Page Report: (4-13-11) – Wall Street & the Financial Crisis – Anatomy of a Financial Collapse This is a broad reaching report from Max and Stacy From perjury to escalating gold and on to the unraveling of the American economy. In today’s Keiser Report Stacy and Max cover the [...]


Making it Official: Budget Cuts to NonProfits Who Help Low and Middle Income Homeowners The Cruelest Cut?

18 Apr

In this piece from Naked Capitalism, Doug Smith lays out not only the cruelty and carelessness of the Too Big To Fails mindless support from Government as they cut the budgets to those who assist homeowners, but also its downright stupidity. Ah, but what else is new? In the midst of millions of foreclosures, the [...]


Iceland Rejects IceSave Package: Private Citizens Won’t Bail Out Private Banks

14 Apr

Iceland has done it again. Those Icelanders just keep saying no to the bankers – and it’s making their PM quite nervous. But we say “Good on Ya!” to Iceland – for kicking the banks in the booty once more. Here’s a clip from Evil of Independence – quoting Mish on the subject – and [...]


Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Wakes Up From Dead Sleep?

14 Apr

In an interesting twist the OCC has suddenly come to life in a world where it was almost getting to the point that it was a clear and sure thing that everyone was in a coma when it comes to Federal Regulating and Bank Fraud. Pay close attention to the details here – there is [...]


MyBudget360 Asks the Question Bernanke Doesn’t Want to Hear:

14 Apr

The housing gamble: What if home prices remained stagnant until 2020? 6 charts laying out the argument for stagnant or declining home prices for another 10 years. Peak in dual income households, home prices still inflated relative to incomes, Federal Reserve unable to hold mortgage rates low forever. What would happen if home prices remain [...]