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Greece, Oil Dumps, Indiser Trading and More – Max and Stacy Takin’ on the World of Corruption Once More…

30 Jun

Max and Stacy straighten out the communist party in Greece to get it right – It’s not the capitalists, it’s the rigged and controlled markets – the opposite of capitalism – which has run rampant around the world… From there we go to the oil stockpile releases – Bloomberg and other dirty dirt… Max gives [...]


Janet Tavakoli Hits the Nail on the Head: Third World America: Drowning In Debt And Choking On Lies

24 Jun

Janet Tavakoli has long been one of our favorite writers on the subject of this ongoing control fraud spawned financial crisis in America and this piece is no exception. Sadly, her observation of the strange silence across America in the face of this criminally contrived debacle is also still true… Perhaps if more Americans understood [...]


CreditWriteDowns Puts the Recent Financial Reality and History in Perspective: Telling the Truth About the Financial “Crisis”

17 Jun

There are those who say the American people are too dumbed down to understand the economic coup or jihad which has befallen them. In these days of non-speak, cross-talk, derailing distractions and sidewinding by politicians, bankers, and the media mouth-pieces, it is hard to fault Americans for ‘not getting it’. After all, no one is [...]


Must Read Reporting from Washington’s Blog on the True Nature and Reality of the Current Financial (& Political) Crisis Facing the World

17 Jun

This is an excellent and well written report that will provide anyone with a clear understanding of the current global and national (US) financial situation and the impending deepening of that crisis being brought on by continued support of those in power in the fraud-ridden financial markets. Failure to understand and take action to reverse [...]


Zero Hedge: UK to Return to Glass-Steagall

16 Jun

In this ‘sign of the times’ news reported from ZH it seems the folks on the other side of the pond are getting smarter faster than we are… The UK Is Preparing To Return To “Glass-Steagall” Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/16/2011 18:20 -0400   In a very surprising move, the AP reports that the [...]


MyBudget360 CRE Crashing at the Expense of Americans Nationwide

14 Jun

In this reoprt from MyBudget360 the real losses of the commercial real estate market are hitting new lows. The price of this ignorance is your financial future. If you are still holding out for a ‘market correction’ in residential real estate, the commercial real estate markets should be something you understand; because it will give [...]


Keiser Report: Dimon, Bernanke and the Fed Meeting; Jim Rodgers and Utah House Bill 371

14 Jun

Max and Stacy take on the current bla bla heads – commentary on Jamie Dimon’s hijacking of the Fed press conference; . Best quote of Stacy from this show:: “They are the same. The Fed are the private bankers. Jamie Dimon is Ben Bernanke, there is no difference between them.” From there we move on [...]


Operation Empire State Rebillion Begins – SLA, Amped Status; Time for the Globally Aware to Rise Up

13 Jun

Silver Liberation Army, Amped Status, Zero Hedge post details of first round of global insurrection to banking tyrrany… Posted from SLA and Amped Status June 13, 2011 (Scroll down to see the AmpedStatus Call to Action Below the SLA Statement.) from SLA:     What Are You Going to Do???? Sent Monday, June 13, 2011 [...]


GIABO: Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation – Max Keiser Report 154

09 Jun

Max and Stacy cover the spreading insurrection against banker occupation around the world… From there to insane mathematics, rising oil prices, trade deficits and the game of lieing statistics.  If rising oil prices reduce trade revenues, we just don’t count them…   From there to the strange world of Florida’s Sharia Law where the latest [...]