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More on the Destruction of the Middle Class – MyBudget360

09 Jun

Here is another excellent piece on the disappearing middle class in America. The cost of irresponsible debt and massive wealth inequality in America is a disappearing security for Americans across the nation. It is a clear story of the theft of money from the working and poor classes to prop up and pay the ultra [...]


Taking a Closer Look at the True State of the Nation

08 Jun

In this article from The Economic Collapse Blog, the truly disparate state of affairs between the ultra rich and the rest of the nation are laid out plainly for all to see. Just as the mainstream media tells us that Goldman Sachs is ‘too big to prosecute’ so we now see that most of us [...]


Mainstream Media Reporting: Giving Credence Where None is Due

08 Jun

Gotta love the way the mainstream media keeps telling us what they think they can get away with… Bloomberg’s stellar example of how to report the news in the wake of the most damning bipartisan investigation in decades makes it all too clear how the people are supposed to be thinking: Goldman Sachs Too Big [...]


Market Watch: We Need an ‘Evil Plan’ toFoil Our Own Leaders

07 Jun

This is a great piece from Paul Farrell over at Market Watch. But is an America Winter really next on some cosmic list of future Black Swans? Yes, and also quite predictable. Why? Because the same economic forces that drove the Arab Spring and today’s European Summer are setting up a hot American Winter. The [...]

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All the Rage: Story of “Sweet Justice” Against B of A Makes Big Noise; but No Serious Difference in Foreclosure Wars

06 Jun

As reported at NPR, the story of the Naples, Florida couple who bought their home for cash and then were foreclosed on by B of A – and who spent months in court to get it all sorted out; eventually winning an award from the court to be paid by B of A, has gotten [...]


The Libya Connection – Global Banking Terrorism Interview on RT with Max Keiser

06 Jun

Trying to understand what is happening around the world in the global financial collapse/crisis? This interview with Max Keiser will help you wrap your head around how the banks of the world are destroying the countries and peoples of the world…