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Robo Signers, Phoney Documents & Foreclosures: The Story Has Not Changed

27 Jul

In this latest Business Insider piece we see corroboration of an AP Exclusive piece that came out last week showing how ROBO-SIGNED documents are STILL showing up in courts and county recording offices around the country in foreclosure actions – well after the ‘problem’ was raised and supposedly ‘addressed’ in actions which led to anation [...]


Mass Psychosis and the IMF Overlords Taking Out Europe

26 Jul

In this very important and informative Keiser Report Max and Stacy take on the US national psychosis, the Big Pharma and Big Economic psychotics that is driving the world into economic and cultural collapse.  As Bernancke declares that US consumer use of credit cards (to pay for essentials) marks a surge and return of consumer [...]


Bloomberg Reports on Another Slap on the Wrist for Criminal Behavior for Wells Fargo

20 Jul

Bloomberg reports this incredibly biased story on the Wells Fargo criminal behavior where we learn that Wells Fargo is the one telling us how many borrowers may be eligible for the ‘compensation’ and that the Fed Board, well, guess what? Is going to take their word for it – oh and it will cost Wells [...]


Ratings, Gold and Fiat Currency: “Political Theater of the Oligarchs”

20 Jul

Max and Stacy cover the collapsing US economy- from ratings to zero interest rates, rising food and energy prices (which are, conveniently not included in the CPI) – as gold and silver continue to rise… Meantime: CNBC “Shoplifting – Is it good for the economy?” Proves the willingness to take risk! The insanity Continues. Government [...]


Europe & the Ratings Agencies: Max and Stacy Update the Story

13 Jul

As the ratings agencies and IMF set their sites on Italy, Max and Stacy provide a blow by blow of the insandity which has taken over the global financial sector and the corporate take over of the nations of the world. Understanding the depth of the fraud in the international ratings systems and how it [...]


King World News Interviews Chris Whalen on Securities Claims Against Banks fromMortgage ‘Crisis’

01 Jul

There is an excellent interview over at KingWorldNews with Chris Whalen -discussing the outstanding claims by investors against the big banks for securities fraud.    


Jesse’s Cafe’ – We Couldn’t Have Said it Better: This is the Road to Hell

01 Jul

In this short but piercing piece, the truth of the current situation int he US is put as plainly as we have ever seen it. Thanks for this one, Jesse.   The US Non-Recovery When you socialize the losses and privatize the gains for a powerful few, when you reward the perpetrators and punish the [...]

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