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The Long Johns… Just because we all need a reminder

28 Aug

st Because Someone had to remind us all of this.

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Goldman CEO Blankfein Hires Weingarten Top White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

24 Aug

According to U.K.’s The Guardian: Blankfein hires attorney Reid Weingarten, who is described as specializing in “white-collar criminal defence, and has represented former WorldCom chief executive Bernard Ebbers and former Enron accounting officer Richard Causey. Both men are incarcerated after being convicted of fraud charges.” [Whoops,now that wasn't the idea was it, Lloyd? ] Meantime,”Jake [...]


Understanding the State and Local Budget Crisis in the Age of Legalized, Criminogenic Financial Corruption

23 Aug

Welcome to the new world of legalized financial corruption. Coming to a State, city, county and/or town near you soon.  We have entered the age of financial criminogentic society. Criminogenic: Producing or tending to produce crime or criminality:   Michael Hudson gives a succinct, extremely detailed and clear account of what is really going on in [...]


Mybudget360: A Banking System Built on Lies and Deception

22 Aug

A banking system built on lies and deception – Hiding commercial real estate losses by laundering bad loans through the Federal Reserve. Trillions of dollars in bailouts were made while banks told the public all was well. Part of the massive challenges facing our brittle financial system is the opaque and secretive nature of the [...]


My Budget 360: Market Volatility Marking The Coming of teh Gilded Age With No Real Market Reform

17 Aug

ONce again, delivers the goods on the true state of the economy.  For those who are living in the delusion of a ‘jobless recovery’ or ‘weak recovery’ this piece will help you see the real picture. The rise of the new gilded age – Massive market volatility is a dramatic sign of an unhealthy [...]


Keiser Report: Great Britain’s Unrest; Don’t Bash Banks, Jail Children… And That’s Only Part One – Then we Go to Bill Black – Oh Yeah!!

16 Aug

Max and Stacy take us back to 2009 when The Economist reported that they expected “Social Unrest due not only to increasing proverty, but exagerated income equalities and lack of social support.” Yet somehow today everyone is pretending they never saw this coming… and that you cannot understand this – it’s sheer mindless evil – [...]


James Galbraith in the LA Times: Stimulus Alone Can’t Fix What’s Broken

15 Aug

We’ve been pointing people in the direction of James Galbraith for a long time to try to get thinking people to face the truth that massive fraud in the banking system cannot be fixed with stimulous and austerity measures. When the house is on fire, it’s not time to break out the marshmallows… But it [...]


David DeGraw’s Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America

13 Aug

Once again, David DeGraw hones in on the reality which underlies the propaganda as he provides the analysis of the true financial picture in the U.S.  If you are not awake and aware yet of what is giong on, this is the piece to help you wrap your head around it. DeGraw’s latest analysis [...]


Washington State AG Files Suit Against RECONTRUST

10 Aug SEATTLE – Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that his office is suing ReconTrust Company, a subsidiary of Bank of America, for conducting illegal foreclosures on thousands of Washington homeowners. “ReconTrust ignored our warnings, repeatedly broke the law and refused to provide information requested during our investigation,” McKenna said. “ReconTrust’s illegal practices make it [...]


Volatility Blog Taking Tock – Gambling and the Economy Casino Royale

05 Aug

Volatility tends to drive deeper and focus deeper than most can follow, but we still enjoy them, however their perspectives may tilt. Here we take a look at the real world life reality of the whole concept of cash and money as king vs what is real in the world today – nice work. Taking Stock [...]