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David DeGraw: Empire Economics Destroying Lives: Occupy Wall Street

23 Sep

David DeGraw Calls Out the People to Occupy Wall Street. 239 Million Americans living paycheck to paycheck. 59 Million without health care. 52 Million in poverty. 42 Million on food stamps. 30 Million in need of work. 7 Million foreclosed on. 5 Million over 60 days late on mortgage.s Our Youth Owe $1 Trillion in [...]


Spam Comments and Other Sad Commentary

23 Sep

This site has been up awhile. A few folks, as if unable to resist – post serious comments. In spite of the wealth of content here, very few. But now, in the midst of the occupy wall street movement, and years of banking malfeasance costing homeowners everything; a spate of spam comments rises like a [...]

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CountDown Covers Wall Street Protest

22 Sep

Countdown Covers the Occupy Wall Street Protests – calling it the silent protest (commenting on the main stream media coverage it is not getting).- Oh except for Yahoo which was caught deleting emails with “Occupy Wall Street” in them…


Washington’s Blog Reports on The March on Wall Street – No Mainstream Media Coverage Seems to Be Coming…

21 Sep

March on Wall Street: Update on What’s Happening Posted on September 21, 2011 by WashingtonsBlog Wall Street March: What’s Happening? Pictures of the Wall Street protest are being posted online. Democracy Now reports live from the Wall Street protests:   The New York Police Department are manhandling protesters, with reports of a tooth being knocked [...]


Max and Stacy: Dollar Days Hit Global Central Banks & True Monetary Education and Reform with Bill Still – Should be Required Viewing for ALL People of the World. Take Back the Money Power

20 Sep

Social Unrest. Wild Dollar Printing- by European Central Banks, Japanese Banks, Swiss Banks – Whoo Hoo – For everyone but the Tax Payers. – Part One. Bill Still gives perhaps one of the BEST educational pieces we’ve ever seen on the current monetary system, what is wrong with it, and what we absolutely need to [...]


Living in a Degraded Democracy: David Galland of Casey Research

08 Sep

In this intervew, Stefan Molyneux speaks with Casey Research Managing Director David Galland about the debt situation in the US and whether the federal government can do anything about it… assuming they’d even want to. -posted at


FHFA Cases Filed Against 17 Financial Institutions

08 Sep

By now most people know that the FHFA, conservator for Fannie and Freddie, has filed 17 major law suits in New York and Connecticutt Federal Courts starting on the Friday before Lfabor day weekend. Here are the actual filings from the FHFA in the Federal Courts.   FHFA_2011-09-02_Final_Complaint_v_MS FHFA_v_Barclays FHFA_v_BoA_Other FHFA_v_Citi FHFA_v_Credit_Suisse FHFA_v_Deutsche_Bank FHFA_v_First_Horizon FHFA_v_Goldman_Sachs [...]


Fake Reserves, Fake Assets… Best Quote of the Day

06 Sep

“It used to be that the world worked on a  fractional reserve banking, then we went to a  zero zero reserve system,now we’re on a negative reserve banking system. There is no there, there. It’s just a matter of mathematical formulas being spurted out of a cheezewhiz can being held by Christie le Garde”.” =Max [...]

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