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Dylan Ratigan Interviews Two of Our Favorites: David DeGraw and Bill Black

19 Oct

This week brought us a great interview between Dylan Ratigan, David DeGraw and Bill Black.  Happy watching.    


Double Header: Keiser Reports Interview Charles Hugh Smith – Ellen Brown

14 Oct

Two really excellent Keiser Reports for the weekend:   First, an excellent interview with Charles Hugh Smith – You can read his writing at his blog Of Two Minds ~~~~ And for the double header, here is Ellen Brown on Max Keiser – another excellent mind. You can read her blog at Web of Debt


First Official Statement From Occupy Wall Street

05 Oct

This was posted at on Saturday, October 1, 2011. Click the link to go to the original posting there.   First official statement from Occupy Wall Street   Note: The photo that originally appeared with this post has been removed. What follows is the first official statement released by Occupy Wall Street. It was [...]


Anonymous Targets For 10-10-2011

05 Oct

Looks like the 99% / Anonymous movement is gathering steam and momentum… The protests are getting some actual coverage now – and this showed up on youtube… We know David DeGraw’s Amped Status site has been supported by anonymous and we think that is great – this looks a little more serious…


California Drops Out of AG Settlement with Bank of America

04 Oct

As zerohedge reported earlier this week, California has dropped out of the AG Settlement process – one more State saying B of A is not addressing the real damage caused by its practices… Not a good week to be Bank of America it would seem…   Another Blow For America’s Banks (And Bank Of America) [...]