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Remote Processing of Assignments and Other Evidence of Continuing Fraud in the Banking Sector

30 Nov

In a piece posted up at Naked Capitalism, Michael Olenick asks the question: Are Remotely Processed Assignments Another Smoking Gun? It’s an important question, and one which has not, until now, been raised anywhere else we have seen. In his final few paragraphs Mr. Olenick lays it out fairly plainly,, however, we would go one [...]


Michael Hudson on Reforming the US Financial and Tax System

29 Nov

In order to create lasting change in the financial world of banking as we know it today, we must become educated enough to understand the system as it currently operates and to identify the pitfalls of the power elite ‘solutions’ offered up in order to consolidate their controlling interests. We present this piece by Michael [...]


On The Front Lines of Foreclosure: April Charney Interview on Mandelman

29 Nov

If you’ve been paying any attention at all in the last half decade or so, you know there is a ‘housing crisis’.  If you have more than half a brain worth of awareness you know this is a ‘banking crisis’ and not a ‘housing crisis’ and if you are at all alive, you know, either [...]


Corporate Psychopathy: The Root of the Global Financial Crisis?

21 Nov

We’ve excerpted quite a bit of this article from here because there is so much important information in it – however, it is not the complete article. You will find the link to the full article at in the headline and again at the foot of the piece. Additionally, we have included the [...]


Barry Ritholtz in the Washington Post Examining The Big Lie

20 Nov

Taking a closer look at the reality as it sits in 2011: Examining the big lie: How the facts of the economic crisis stack up By Barry Ritholtz, Published: November 19 It’s fair to say that our discussion about the big lie touched a nerve.The big lie of the financial crisis, of course, is that troubling [...]


Best Short History of the United States Ever

18 Nov

We came across this excellent short history of the United States over at in the comments section.   Thu, 11/17/2011 – 23:31 | Here is a brief history of America: >>>>>>>>>> Originally, 20 year charters for corporations (had to be renewed) 1782 Bank of North America – Founder imprisoned for fraud and other abuses [...]


Cynthia Kouril of FDL: New Foreclosure Cops on Beat: ACLU

15 Nov

Cynthia Kouril hits the nail on the head again in the ongoing fraudclosure scandal.  For those still in the fight be sure to check out the link she provides at the bottom of the article to the ACLU appendix index. Pretty pathetic when the legal system becomes such a massive FAIL that it takes the [...]


Bankers Taking Over Top Political Spots in Greece and Italy – Coup Complete

14 Nov

Max Keiser interviewed on RT to discuss the greatest increase in larceny and theft since the financial crisis began. The Banker’s Coup: As Top Central Bankers Move In to The Top Political Positions in Europe: Greece’s new interim Cabinet was sworn in Friday, with former European Central Bank Vice President Lucas Papademos at its helm. [...]


Latest Keiser Reports: Covering the Global Financial Fraud From Ireland to Italy

10 Nov

If you’re confused about the ‘global economic crisis’ these two latest editions of the Keiser Report will help you clear the fog… From the Irish economic implosion, we hear from economist and professor Constantin Gurdgiev who explains the fundamentals of the Irish and global economic collapse while providing a closer look at the Anglo-Irish participation [...]