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More from Washington’s Blog: 2011 Catch 22 Year in Review

31 Dec

As we roll out of 2011 and into 2012 we turn once more to Washington’s Blof for their clear unbiased and direct writing on the facts and take a look back and then forward. The pundits get paid millions to lie about the year ahead while never looking back to admit they’ve done the same [...]


Washington’s Blog: TBTF Banks Insane Leverage Caused Crisis NOT Deadbeat Borrowers

30 Dec

As ever, Washington’s blog comes through with some real clarity on the financial crisis caused by the TBTF banks – yes – it’s not a housing crisis – it’s not a borrower’s crisis – it’s not the peoples’ crisis – it’s the direct result of TBTF INSANE LEVERAGE. Insane Levels of Leverage by the Too [...]


Following the Money: Regis Sauger on The Mortgage Securitization Path, Real Property Title and Fraudulent Foreclosures

27 Dec

This video may seem less than excellently produced – may seem ‘small timey’ or even amateurish; but for those who can track and follow the information in it, it provides some of the most important keys to understanding how the mortgage fraud and now foreclosure frauds, all took place – and all the details and [...]


Economic History – are we Doomed to Repeat it? Michael Hudson on Democracy and Debt

27 Dec

This perspective from economic historian Michael Hudson contains some serious ‘heads up’ moments. Reading it one is forced to contemplate the potential outcomes in the devolving world of bankster controlled public policy now clearly pointed toward the destruction of the public good in favor of corrupt private creditors. And no change seems to be coming, [...]


Bill Black’s Response to Obama’s 40,000 Feet Non Speak

26 Dec

While there has been quite a bit of coverage of Bill’s initial post – Dante’s Divine Comedy Bankster Style, this second post is, in our opinion, more concise, and direct in its calling out of the flaws in the Bush/Obama response to the financial crisis and the reality of what the Dodd Frank Bill did [...]


Charles Hugh Smith: When Things Fall Apart: Disorientation, Desperation, Chaos

09 Dec

When Things Fall Apart: Disorientation, Desperation, Chaos Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds When Things Fall Apart: Disorientation, Desperation, Chaos  The global “shadow” banking system is unraveling, with dire consequences for financial assets and failed policies. We’re not used to things falling apart, and so our first reaction is disorientation. What we’ve [...]


The Show is On A Coherent View of the Global Financial Plan

09 Dec

In case you were confused about where we are headed or what the plan is – [some may require  review of the BIS, banking families, origin of the FED  and chain of command in the international banking cartel] in its now imploding daisy chain in the re-hypothecated madness of the UK/EU meltodown in order to [...]


ZeroHedge: Why The UK Trail Of The MF Global Collapse May Have “Apocalyptic” Consequences For The Eurozone, Canadian Banks, Jefferies And Everyone Else

08 Dec

If you ever needed to understand what the ‘shadow banking’ system meant, this article should make it very clear. It should also make it clear the entire financial system of the world is now over leveraged to a degree that only one quarter of the liabilities in the system are backed by any collateral.  This [...]


Foreclosure Shockwave From BofAML’s Michelle Meyer: After 6 Million Foreclosures, We Still Have 8 Million More To Go

05 Dec

As Business Insider Reports, “Michelle Meyer, the well-known housing analyst for BofA/ML, has some bad news:” [...] “The most crucial input to our forecast for construction and home prices is our assumption for foreclosures. Our securitized products research team estimates another eight million homes will be liquidated over the next four years, which adds to [...]


How Sweet it is: Fed to Bail Out IMF? Well, Why the Heck Not?

05 Dec

Just when the American people have been given the news that they are soon to be subject to indefinite detainment or detention in foreign prisons without a trial, hearing or any of that ‘messy’ stuff needed in order to conform to the rule of law or the constitution…And just after the latest FED audit has [...]

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