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Paulson’s Inside Jobs – REUTERS Reports on Then US Secretary of Treasury’s “Pathological” Proviiding of Insider Inforamtion to his Wall Street Buddies

05 Dec

For those who haven’t yet caught up with the real world of Bankster Insider Jobs, this latest from Reuters makes it pretty plain A Goldman Sachs Management meeting with the then US Secretary of Treasury’ in Moscow in Junt 2008 – and now this additional information wherein he revealed to Hedge Fund Insiders the plan […]

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First Serious Criminal Investigation into Foreclosure: Foreclosure Fraud Whistleblower Found Dead

04 Dec

In an eerie twist, the story of the first serious criminal investigation into the massive foreclosure fraud scandal in the US has somehow resulted in the death of the whistleblower in Nevada who had stepped forward as a notary signing documents in the ‘robosigning’ scheme. This report comes from The complete story is available […]


A Way to Fix Congress? Warren Buffet Has an Idea Whose Time May Have Come…

02 Dec

This may seem slightly off topic for Getting Smart About Banks, however it is also true that until we reform our government and wrest the power to regulate and control banking from the bankers who control Congress we are not likely to accomplish any serious banking reform… So the idea seems worth sharing and getting […]


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Paul Jay: The Super Committee and the Attack on Labor – On To Orwell’s Guide to the News

02 Dec

While the super committee fails to act and joins the President in playing out their clearly long term agenda of imposing the new two tier contract system of massive wage reductions across the country (it’s already happening, in case you missed it) then we had all berst be well prepared for the massive decline in […]


Ellen Brown: Straight Talk About EU Austerity, Destruction of Nations and the Ongoing Financial Pillaging of the People

01 Dec

In another succinct and direct piece, Ms. Brown lays out for all to see the hypocrisy of the financial system, the overlord international bankers and the destruction of the wealth of the people around the world. THE E.C.B. FIDDLES WHILE ROME BURNS Posted on November 29, 2011 by Ellen Brown “To some people, the European Central […]