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Freddie Mac Bets Against Homeowners, Holder & Breuer’s Covington Bank Representing Past: Creating M.E.R.S. Corp

30 Jan

In his latest all out seriously spot on rant, Mandelman brings us the most recent and most recently uncovered crimes in the long list of criminal acts as yet going unpunished in the United States mortgage fraud scandal. That scandal which has devastated our economy, destroyed our housing market and left vast numbers of families [...]


Yves Smith Takes Apart Obama’s Spin on Banking Crisis Solution

24 Jan

In an excellent piece published over at Common Dreams, Ms. Smith lays it out in plain English for anyone to see. The federal government is aiding and abetting the banks in continued fraud and thievery while preventing and avoiding any way for a direct and honest legal response to their crimes.  Once more, settlement pacts [...]


Where Does Money Come From in the Modern Global Economy?

23 Jan

Taking another fresh look at the money creation system in a debt based privately controlled banking system. While this is taken from the UK perspective it is absolutely accurate across the entire world and especially in the US – of course through the private banks of the Federal Reserve System. Note that he perfectly accurately [...]


New Legal Ground: Solving the Local Foreclosure Fraud Crisis Locally

19 Jan

This article addresses what are now finally becoming more well known facts about the depth of the fraud and scandal surrounding the mortgage industry and its securitized mortgage products of the last decade. Occupy The Neighborhood: How Counties can use Landbanks and Emminent Domain In the middle of the story, we get a chance to [...]


Buyers of David Stern’s Foreclosure Mill Sue for Fraud, Criminal Acts and Demand Refund of Investment

07 Jan

Ah what tangled webs we weave… Of course, the idea that Stern would even have the chutzpah to SELL his fraudulent foreclosure mill is stunning enough – we are just amazed anyone was ignorant enough to actually buy it… Ah, but be that as it may, they didn’t STAY ignorant once they had acquired the [...]

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Psychopathic Bankers, The Story Expands: Bloomberg and Washington’s Blog

04 Jan

We were very delighted to see this latest post over at Washington’s Blog on the Psychopathy of bankers and others in our currently run amok global financial disaster – nice to see the word is getting around. As we wrote in November, 2011: Corporate Psychopathy: The Root of the Global Financial Crisis? 21 Nov We’ve [...]


Carry Trade Collapse: Bankers Tricks Destroying Eastern Eurpoean Economics

03 Jan

The ECB and IMF warn Hungary not to change rules of how they deal with the devestating impact of the Swiss Frank based mortgages as the carry trade slams mortgages into hyperdrive in Hungary. While most Americans have not had this experience or understanding of it on a personal level, the American banks have, of [...]