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Understanding the Global Financial Crisis: Ellen Brown Explains How the Crisis Happened and How to End It

28 May

If every person suffering the adverse effects of the global financial crisis would read and understand this excellent article by Ellen Brown, it might be possible to create the change necessary to solve the ‘financial crisis’ forever. Not only to stop the stripping of public assets and property from the sovereign nations and peoples of [...]


Romney, Obama: Owned by the Corporations. Golman Sachs, Raytheon and the Great Corporate Take-Over of America

24 May

Just in case you were actually thinking of voting in this 2012 election… Our position is: why waste your time? Your vote will be useless and accomplish nothing. If you do not believe us, just study the facts, starting with this video… The number one contributor to both Romney and Obama is Goldman Sachs. That [...]

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Victoria Grant: 12 Year Old Canadian Explains The Current Banking Scandal and Fraud

18 May

This 12 year old Canadian girl knows more about banking in Canada than most adults in Canada, never mind the people of the United States who arguably know NOTHING about Canadian banking; but should. An excellent video education for anyone who is still in the dark about how the private banking system works world-wide. The [...]