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Max and Stacy – ‘Civil Mortgage Fraud’ Filed Against Wells – Geez – Reckless, Deficient, and yet STILL NOT CRIMINAL – no sh*t Sherlock

13 Oct

As Max says…”Oh golly gee! H9w can we continue to underwrite all this fraud if somebody keeps making a stink about our use of the word CIVIL?   Don’t use the word CRIMINAL. CRIMINAL would imply they were doing something ILLEGAL”     It’s all just ‘bad conduct’ doncha know?* Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. No [...]


Taking off the Glasses of Media Spin: Can You See the Crminial Fraud in Front of You?

12 Oct

The Economist brings us their version of this intriguing story. This little tidbit will give you all the language you need to see how it is being spun. It is interesting to read this piece just to see how the evidence being presented is, rather than being considered at face value, presented within a framework [...]


Mike Whitney Gets it Right – Paying Banksters with Taxpayer Monies Again? Let’s Do This, Says Congress.

11 Oct

In this latest from CounterPunch on the bankster scammers, Mike Whitney rightly points out that the banks are getting a free hall pass from the Senate on ‘put-backs’ – the system whereby Fannie and Freddie push bad loans back to banks when they fail the test of being properly underwritten and/or processed. The poor banks [...]


Washington’s Blog Paints a Bleak and Frighteningly Accurate Picture of America in 2012

11 Oct

While we cannot say we agree with every part of this piece,  it is difficult to dispute plain observation. What we do about it and what can be done to help people wake up  and whether there is a strong enough will within the people to wake up is another matter. We have answers for [...]

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