RSS Breaks Story on Fraudulent Affidavits Used to Foreclose Homeowners

15 Sep has been working hard for a long time to bring the facts of fraudulent foreclosures to light and to offer the information homeowners and borrowers need to fight fraudulent foreclosures – and this week they certainly delivered some serious stuff:

[Note: The depositions and all kinds of details are available on their site - it is also in our blogroll (right at the top, that is what a number as a first character will do for you in a blogroll list - be sure to check them out and spend time on their site. There is a wealth of information there.]

Added Matt Weidners video response RE: Jeffrey Stephan Affidavits to yesterdays post of

LINK – What, WHAT!!! RE: Jeffrey Stephan of GMAC – Florida Default Law Group Admits to Violation of Professional Conduct Code



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