RSS Whistleblower on Bogus Mortgage Assignment Documents Says “The Whole Country is BOGUS”

25 Jun

The site, first broke this story in February of 2010 – and we posted some articles and sample pictures of the ‘bogus assignee’ documents filed in Florida records at that time.

As the story has now expanded to the point that the Florida attorney general has actually posted notices on its web site about these bogus documents, we thought it was a good time to go back and look at that original story and remind people that there is a world of fraud out there -

Just waiting for you – to go digging around in the public records and see what you find…

That’s what they did over at – just a little poking around…

And if this is what happens with a few hours of ‘poking around’ we cannot imagine why the FBI and the Justice Department are not in every public records office in this country doing some real investigating…

Makes no sense to us.


For the past year and a half, I have been examining the public records of Florida, analyzing all of the fraudulent documents that have been entered into the system since the housing crisis began. I have found employees of lenders assigning mortgages to their employer, I have found companies assigning mortgages to themselves, by themselves. I have seen many variations of financial institutions employees’ signatures on hundreds, if not thousands of documents. I have seen people that are officers of too many banks, and I have been unable to verify the existance of certain notaries who sign millions of these documents.

Now, we are seeing BOGUS assignments all over the Florida public records.  At first I though it was some kind of joke. Well it is, and the joke is on all of us. Doesn’t anyone look at these papers before filing them? Do the courts even care they are allowing peoples homes to be taken away by some BOGUS document?

This is much more than a clerical error. It is outright blatant fraud.

How massive is it?

Well, in just a few hours of perusing the public records of this country, we were able to come up with these BOGUS DocX assignments from multiple counties of multiple states. While we were at it, we found some Bogus Satisfactions of Mortgage as well. To top it off, not only do the assignments say they are bogus, most of the signatures do not match from one to the next.

Some counties and states do not have their records online and some counties and states require you to pay leaving them inaccessible at the moment.

Below are examples of what was found in just a few hours of research. Just imagine what would be found if official audits were performed.

States Examined; Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, and Nevada.

Yes, these are on the extreme end of the  fraud spectrum, but what if all of those “official” looking assignments were just as bogus as these?

One of the most infamous “vice presidents”, Erica Johnson-Seck, who signed thousands of these “official” assignments, confesses the role she (and others?) played in the creation of similar documents in her deposition that is posted here … (takes a moment to load)

To top it all off, the Florida Bankers Association now wants to change Florida to a NON Judicial state with the bill in the link below that I urge all to understand.

The Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act

Anyway, you decide…

Where are the damn Feds…


UPDATE 02/25/10 Investigations Started

—> Lender Processing Services, Inc. – FORM 10-K – EX-21.1 – February 23, 2010 Legal Proceedings <—

UPDATE 04/03/10 WSJ Reports on Bogus!

—> WSJ Picks Up on Bogus – U.S. Probes Foreclosure-Data Provider Lender Processing Services Docx <—

UPDATE 04/29/10

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum Launches Investigations into Florida Default Law Group and Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services

UPDATE 04/29/10

WSJ is Watching – Foreclosure Lawyers Face New Heat In Florida


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  1. Jacob M. Shapiro

    April 16, 2011 at 7:33 am

    After seeing the video on the production of fraudulent assignment of mortgage documents (forged signatures etc.), on “60 minutes”, I ask as a member of the “greatest generation” what American Dream did I fight for?