Matt Taibbi’s “Wall Street’s War” is a Front Lines Look At How to Kill Financial Reform (Not to mention the lists of the players)

29 May

Matt Taibbi’s latest and perhaps most frightening, clear and concise pieces of news from the front lines of the no financial reform world of corruption the America we know has fallen into is an absolute must read for anyone who is having any questions or trouble at all understanding what just happened and what is not going to happen next, namely, financial reform.

If you’re not paying attention, that will suit them just fine.

Wall Street’s War
Congress looked serious about finance reform – until America’s biggest banks unleashed an army of 2,000 paid lobbyists

Not one you want to miss; no matter what side of waht you thnk you’re on.

As portions of this article point out, the ‘sides’ we’ve all been trained for years to take don’t amount o much of anything compared to the question we need to ask and the power being wielded in our faces by those who would simply say ‘No.” to us, to all of us, for as long as we put up with that.


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