All the Rage: Story of “Sweet Justice” Against B of A Makes Big Noise; but No Serious Difference in Foreclosure Wars

06 Jun

As reported at NPR, the story of the Naples, Florida couple who bought their home for cash and then were foreclosed on by B of A – and who spent months in court to get it all sorted out; eventually winning an award from the court to be paid by B of A, has gotten all the raves. It’s posting and being passed around all over the net – but what does it really mean?

The story tells of how a couple who had no mortgage were foreclosed on by a lender – that in itself is bad enough. But then they win the court battle to stop the lawlessness and a measly award of $2500. in attorneys fees and still the bank doesn’t pay – so they move to ‘collect’ from the lender at a local branch with the local sherrif and the attorney.

Oh – sure, the upshot? Bank of America wrote the check.
But the failure in this story is that the lender was not fined and sanctioned for many more than the $2500 in attorneys fees in the first place for taking an illegal action to attempt to foreclose on a property they had no mortgage against. Until the courts and the law get a lot tougher on the banks, this sort of ‘Sweet Justice” is all we are going to hear about and it just isn’t that sweet – watery and with a slightly bitter after-taste, is more like it.


‘Sweet Justice’: A Florida Couple ‘Forecloses’ On Bank Of America


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