As the Empire Lords Divide the Spoils of Wisconsin, the Peasants in the Streets Argue Over the Pointless Details of Their own Enslavement

18 Mar

Max and Stacy take a closer look at Wisconsin from the secret tunnel connecting the M & I Bank to the State House which Walker has used to shuttle lobbyists into the State House, to the new legislation just passed in Wisconsin which allows governor Walker to sell off any State owned heating or cooling facility, or  contract out the operations of such plants, with or without the solicitation of bids, for any amount the department determines to “be in the best interest of the State”.  Effectively,demonstrating the private passages for the corporate elite, not just into the State House but also, just as in all the rest of the third world, the public utilities of Wisconsin are now up for sale to the private corporate sector.  Of course this is a perfect duplication of what John Perkins calls the ‘economic hit man’ model of kleptocracy, where third world leaders are named and chosen based on their willingness to sell off the public utilities and resources of their nation to the private corporate interests who  have the power to either place the leaders in power or remove them through force if necessary.

Not terribly surprising that Wisconsin is following the model of the Department of Justice, after all, Attorney General Holder has a long history of defending the rights of the private corporations against the working people of South and Central America – so, it’s status quo and business as usual in Wisconsin now as well.  Good to know the Koch brothers are firmly in control of the region as the Empire model expands throughout the US.

Unfortunately, the feudal peasants are still arguing over whether or not they deserve the right to collective bargaining, and have, therefore, missed the larger picture, which has now resolutely defined them as the feudal peasants they are.





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