Bank Of America To Start Offering Principal Reduction Forgiveness On Delinquent Mortgages

24 Mar

” Bank of America will start offering principal forgiveness programs for most at risk mortgages. The bank will target subprime, pay option, and prime 2 year ARMs, no 30 year loans. Loans must have principal balance at least 120% of the value of the home. As the bank has over 1 million delinquent loans. The hit to BofA’s balance sheet will be over $3 billion as the firm will need to write down its existing mortgage book (probably still at 99%) to fair value. Surely this is dictated by the government’s desire to add some investor-funded oomph to its taxpayer-funded HAMP disaster. And with that, debt forgiveness for all begins! Max out all your credit cards now because the bank, per Barney Frank, will forgive it all. Oh wait, you already have… Carry on then.”


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