Bill Still Interviews The Market Ticker; How the Sub Prime Predatory Bubble was Engineered by The FED

23 Jul

This interview with Karl Denninger is a very clear and concise picture of how the bubble machine is floundering and where the real markets and economy are and what is coming.  It may sound scary but it’s not nearly as scary as what will happen if we continue to ignore it and do not prepare for it.

There ARE solutions;  and we need to start taking a serious look at them and begin planning how we get through this – so long as we continue to extend and pretend and let the banks and financial instutions and the FED we WILL face the ultimagte ‘end of the rope.”

And then here comes part II – later in July

Isn’t it interesting how these historic patterns keep repeating? Listen closely to the stories of the past in this second video.


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