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14 Oct

Same Person Forged Billions of Dollars Worth of Mortgage Documents for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Dozens of Other Lenders and Shells

from Washington’s Blog by George Washington

The Washington Post notes:

In Georgia, an employee of a document processing company, Linda Green, for years claimed to be executives of Bank of America , Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and dozens of other lenders while signing off on tens of thousands of foreclosure affidavits. In many cases, her signature appeared to be forged by different employees.

Green worked for a foreclosure document company owned by Lender Processing Services. The company is being investigated by a U.S. attorney in Florida for allegedly using improper documentation to speed foreclosures.

Lenders have already started to withdraw foreclosures that had Green’s name on them.

Green also submitted to courts documents that listed “Bogus Assignee” as the owner of a mortgage instead of the real name. In another case, she signed as the vice president of “Bad Bene,” a made-up company.


“There are procedures to be followed in order to get a foreclosure, and you either get it right or not. Either you’re pregnant or not. There’s no in-between,” [Arthur M. Schack, a Kings County Supreme Court judge in Brooklyn,] said

Foreclosure attorney Lynn Szymoniak located numerous signatures of “Linda Green” from pleadings filed in various courts. has rounded up some examples of “Linda Green’s” signatures in one image:

In February 2010, posted one of Green’s signatures on an assignment of title to “Bogus Assignee”:

(And here are numerous other assignments to “Bogus Assignee” signed by Green, start with the fourth document down.)

Szymoniak pointed out in July:

There are examples of the many different Linda Green signatures/forgeries. Green’s “signature” appears on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of mortgage assignments – as an officer of at least 20 different banks and mortgage companies.Doing the Math

The total mortgage loan amount on 500 “Linda Green” Mortgage Assignments is $126,956,912, or approximately $125 million for each 500 Assignments. The average output of Assignments from the Docx office in Alpharetta [Green's actual employer], Georgia in 2009 was 2,000 Assignments per day.

This would be equivalent to (4 x $125 million) or $500 million each day. Assuming that Docx operated 5 days a week for 51 weeks (allowing for holidays), the office was open, producing Assignments, 255 days. It is likely that the Linda Green/Docx crew prepared and filed Mortgage Assignments showing One Hundred Twenty-Seven Billion, Five Hundred Million ($127,500,000,000) in mortgages were Assigned in 2009.

Remember also that Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems – which Green repeatedly signed for – is itself a shell company which holds 60% of all American residential mortgages.

DocX is also the company which published price lists for forging documents, including such gems as:

“Create Missing Intervening Assignment” $35

“Cure Defective Assignment” $12.95

“Recreate Entire Collateral File” $95

Given the above, it is clear why the Florida Attorney General has issued a subpoena to Linda Green’s real employer – DocX – requesting the following documents:

2. Copies of any and all underlying documentation that allows for your employee or ex-employee, Linda Green to sign documents in the following capacities:

a. Vice President of Loan Documentation, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. successor by merger to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.;

b. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for American Home Mortgage Acceptance, Inc.;

c. Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing as successor-in-interest to Option One Mortgage Corporation;

d. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for American Brokers Conduit;

e. Vice President & Asst. Secretary, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., as servicer for Ameriquest Mortgage Corporation;

f. Vice President, Option One Mortgage Corporation;

g. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for HLB Mortgage;

h. Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.;

1. Vice President, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for Family Lending Services, Inc.;

J. Vice President, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. as Successor -ininterest to Option One Mortgage Corporation;

k. Vice President, Argent Mortgage Company, LLC by Citi Residential Lending, Inc., attorney-in-fact;

1. . Vice President, Sand Canyon Corporation f/kJal Option One Mortgage Corporation;

m. Vice President, Amtrust Funsing (sic) Services, Inc., by American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc., as Attorney-in -fact;

n. Vice President, Seattle Mortgage Company.

3. Copies of every document signed in any capacity by Linda Green.

Subpoena DT to Docx L.L.C
Of course, its not just Linda Green.

As Szymoniak points out:

The offices of Lender Processing Services in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, seems likely to also have produced 2,000 Assignments each working day.Jeffrey Stephan from the GMAC offices in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania also is likely to have produced 2,000 Assignments each day.

Bryan Bly of Nationwide Title Clearing also is likely to have produced 2,000 Mortgage Assignments each day.

Scott Anderson of Ocwen Loan Servicing in West Palm Beach, Florida, almost certainly produced an average of 2,000 Assignments a day.

Herman John Kennerty of America’s Servicing Company in Ft. Mill, South Carolina, also is likely to have produced 2,000 Assignments each day.

Erica Johnson-Seck was almost certainly producing Assignments at this same level for IndyMac.

Christina Trowbridge, Whitney Cook, and Stacy Spohn of Chase Home Finance in Franklin, Ohio likely had the same output.

Keri Selman and Renee Hertzler of BAC Home Loan Servicing (formerly Countrywide) in Texas almost certainly produced an average of 2,000 Assignments a day.

If these nine offices each produced 2,000 Assignments a day, the value of the Mortgage Assignments filed by all nine offices in 2009 was One Trillion, One Hundred Forty Seven Billion, Five Hundred Million ($1,147,500,000,000).


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  1. michael wells michael williams g

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    Overheard at alliance bancorp and- all american mortgage corp , ampro mortgage company is the fraud too , with the other stuff . What is going on hear , they running my companies with a fake I’d and a fake ss card , all the number on both card are fake , they made up the numbers on the cards . Where is the credic report on the theves . Its sure not mine , I ckeck irs. My number line up with my hold blood line from charles m aka a p giannini .

  2. michael wells michael williams g

    June 10, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Michael milkin – the greatest financer ever live . I’m the 2nd side of the bank , my dad side was the 1st , the 1st side can’t be better than the 2nd cause the 2 one comes harder everytime , the wellsfargo cereal , a do 25 trillion a month from the stores . Hahahahah . Why don’t they stop all this fraud , rothschild , rockefella , hoffman , hellman , walker jackson bank . Grimes&rothschild .

  3. james williams michael williams

    October 28, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Addres 1436 sharon st atl ga 30314 united companies attorny in fact for 736 cedar ave atl ga 30318 , now , I own banco intesa ,which is jpmorgan chase bank . Now the trustee who was a care taker for me from 1999 to 2002 , never serve me a copy of the terms of the contract to me as the benifiary owner of all of this , how would I no when to red flag him or she with out the terms of the contract by law , they been running my companies with out giving me no sign of them at all , is their a law saying play cranks on somebody cause this look real , its don’t feel like a crank too me . I mean nothing , sense I’m a born financer that how I can get ahead of them . They can’t stop me I’m the real jpmorgan . Banking and financeing is in my blood and I love to do it , u hear that love too do it . I mean they haven’t even filed a affadavit with no couts saying who they are and what they running , my dad might as well made them the benififary they haven’t told me nothing like its their . The law sucks . Who made these laws . They sucks -.linda green if u a trustee for me I need to meet u sweetie . Owner of all the banks u signing on . And if I own mers corp , then mers not breaking the law cause its part of my companies to ya legal power of attorney , but I need to see ya pwer of attorney 1st tho , u been signing for me sense 2000 2001 2002 and up 2012 .

  4. admin

    October 29, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Okay you’re getting pretty incoherent here. not sure what it means but perhaps you need to get sober before you post?

    and perhaps we need to get a closer look at your documents.

    The fraud is rampant. that is just fact.

    at some point it will come out.