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San Francisco Audit Reveals 84% of Foreclosures Illegal; Experts Say Statistic Applies Nationwide. Just Lost Your House? Not to Worry – It was Most Likely Stolen From You.

23 Feb

As we watch the foreclosure mills continue to grind people out of homes at ever increasing rates, a new audit out of San Francisco finds that 84 percent fo the foreclosures being conducted are illegal. And, futher, that this statistic is applicable nationwide. So for all you homeowners finding that nothing has changed and that […]


Max and Stacy Take Apart the Mortgage Settlement: Only 5B Comes from Banks – the Rest is From Fannie and Freddie!

14 Feb

Hey! Check it Out! We, the taxpayers are the ones who are ACTUALLY the Ones PAYING THE SETTLEMENT TAB!!  (Well, of COURSE!- This is America, right?)   Once Max and Stacy take the Settlement deal apart, Howard Kunstler comes on to hypothesize over why the American public keeps putting up with this foo-ey. Cognitive dissonance? […]


Weighing in on the DOJ/AGs Mortgage Fraud Settlement

09 Feb

Here’s a run down of the posts worth reading on the ‘historic’ settlement. Yves Smith gives her top 12 things to hate – we are completely on page with her on every one; especially the first which is very important. Since when does fraud have a simple price association? David Davey gives a comprehensive look […]


DOJ, State AGs Deliver Get Out of Jail For 25B Cards to Banks: What Homeowners Need to Know To Protect Their Rights

09 Feb

Let’s all get a good laugh out of their propaganda headlines first; and then get on to what you need to know about it. Here is the DOJ Press Release on the Bank Bailout, er, ‘Settlement’: We warn you it is heavy with feel good language that may make you want to hurl, but try […]


ZH: Are You Officially an Extremist According to the FBI?

07 Feb

Why do we really love zh? Because how could we not, with comments like these: Tue, 02/07/2012 – 16:56 | 2135685 AldousHuxley AldousHuxley’s picture If Ron Paul was a president of another country leading the efforts to put the gold standard back and move away from a dollar, yes US would deem him a terrorist […]


Push Button Fraud.

07 Feb

Herej’s one that went by a few months ago that is worth repeating in light of the current talk of potential new financial crisis and big banks seeking settlement on their fraudulent behavior. No settlement. Full criminal prosecution – and that starts with investigations. So, we guess that means we have to fire Eric Holder […]


Ellen Brown: Why The AG’s MUST NOT SETTLE; The Hidden Truth Behind the Mortgage/Financial Crisis

06 Feb

Let all your Attorneys General know right now that you do not approve of any settlement with the big banks. PERIOD. This is not an issue of simple robo-signing. This is about system and massive fraud which was at the basis of the entire mortgage and financial scandal. Read this entire article from Ellen Brown […]


Freddie Mac Bets Against Homeowners, Holder & Breuer’s Covington Bank Representing Past: Creating M.E.R.S. Corp

30 Jan

In his latest all out seriously spot on rant, Mandelman brings us the most recent and most recently uncovered crimes in the long list of criminal acts as yet going unpunished in the United States mortgage fraud scandal. That scandal which has devastated our economy, destroyed our housing market and left vast numbers of families […]


Yves Smith Takes Apart Obama’s Spin on Banking Crisis Solution

24 Jan

In an excellent piece published over at Common Dreams, Ms. Smith lays it out in plain English for anyone to see. The federal government is aiding and abetting the banks in continued fraud and thievery while preventing and avoiding any way for a direct and honest legal response to their crimes.  Once more, settlement pacts […]


New Legal Ground: Solving the Local Foreclosure Fraud Crisis Locally

19 Jan

This article addresses what are now finally becoming more well known facts about the depth of the fraud and scandal surrounding the mortgage industry and its securitized mortgage products of the last decade. Occupy The Neighborhood: How Counties can use Landbanks and Emminent Domain In the middle of the story, we get a chance to […]