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Damon Vrabel on Max Keiser: Money as a Utility Vs. Money As a Private Wealth Capture System

06 Nov

Empires, fiat currency, collapse of the US dollar, understanding a money system where money is an asset to a very small group of people and a liability to everybody else – no one quite gets it  – how politcal camps are all disinformation on these first few presentations are designed to separate the money systems [...]


Damon Vrabel Presents Parts 4 & 5 of De-Bunking Money

01 Nov

De Bunking Parts 4 & 5 from Damon Vrabel: Debunking Money #4 and #5: The Way the World Really Works Posted on October 30, 2010 by dvrabel In an attempt to layout what really drives the world rather than believing the false notion that 40-something fresh Ivy League grads serving as politicians have the power, these [...]


Daom Vrabel Part 3 of his De-Bunking Money Series: Financial Power – Considering Some “Suggested Solutions”

01 Nov

Debunking Money #3: Corporate PR, Financial Power, and Evaluating Some Popular “Solutions” Posted on October 25, 2010 by dvrabel What is the biggest source of power in the world? Lesson 1 discussed the issue of financial power, but for those who haven’t lived in the world of balance sheet power it may still seem like a [...]


Damon Vrabel: Part 2 on Debunking Money: The American Monetary System

16 Oct

Damon Vrabel has been doing an excellent job of explaining the monetary system in this country and what is broken about it. We add this one to his latest pieces coming out and highly suggest that everyone watch all of his videos – including the entire Renaissance 2.0 series. This one is a very good [...]


Damon Vrabel: Systemic Usery, Global Economic Crisis

10 Jul

In this Max Keiser interview, Damon Vrabel provides an excellent overview of the current debt based global economic system and the collapse of the dollar based debt system currently collapsing around the globe. Fractional Reserve Banking is no longer the way things work: we are now in a zero reserve system. ~


Damon Vrabel: Sovereign Debt A True Oxymoron

08 Jul

Damon Vrabel – Sovereign Debt: The Death of Nations vs. the Wealth of Nations from Nathan’s Economic Edge by (Nathan A. Martin) Damon with more truth telling… Sovereign Debt: The Death of Nations vs. the Wealth of Nations The gap between the truth vs. the lies that pass for truth in the media has [...]


Bankers, Money and The Real Problem: Damon Vrabel on Max Keiser

21 Jun

Guest Post: The Real Problem from by Damon Vrabel All the market/finance news since 2008 isn’t just random criminal acts.  It’s not just scandal.  It’s not just greedy narcissists on Wall Street.  Those are all symptoms of the larger problem–that nations are caught in a monetary machine designed to takeover everything over the course [...]


Washington’s Blog: No Wonder the EuroZone is Imploding A Ride Down The Scary Scary Road of The Current Debt Based World System Going into Implosion

30 Apr

Guest Post: No Wonder the Eurozone is Imploding from naked capitalism by George Washington → Washington’s Blog You might assume that the reason for the implosion in the Eurozone is a mystery. But it’s not. There Wouldn’t Be a Crisis Among Nations If Banks’ Toxic Gambling Debts Hadn’t Been Assumed by the World’s Central Banks [...]


Rennaisance 2.0 The Economic Lessons You Never Learned in School

15 Apr

These lessons in economics were produced by Damon Vrabel and are a powerful set of teachings which have been introduced to by Nathan Martin, of Nathan’s Economic Edge. The aim of is to bring to light the real issues of debt backed money and how they are presently controlling the lives and livelihoods [...]