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Romney, Obama: Owned by the Corporations. Golman Sachs, Raytheon and the Great Corporate Take-Over of America

24 May

Just in case you were actually thinking of voting in this 2012 election… Our position is: why waste your time? Your vote will be useless and accomplish nothing. If you do not believe us, just study the facts, starting with this video… The number one contributor to both Romney and Obama is Goldman Sachs. That [...]

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Victoria Grant: 12 Year Old Canadian Explains The Current Banking Scandal and Fraud

18 May

This 12 year old Canadian girl knows more about banking in Canada than most adults in Canada, never mind the people of the United States who arguably know NOTHING about Canadian banking; but should. An excellent video education for anyone who is still in the dark about how the private banking system works world-wide. The [...]


Banksters, Tramps and Thieves… Max and Stacy’s latest

20 Apr

Goldman gets another smack on the wrist; technical violations… and huddle cuddles… Hank Paulson and more. JPMorgan’s Chief Exec Jamie Dimon has ‘increased speculative bets and risk’ in his changes to the bank’s investment portfolio… no kidding, really? Investing in fraudulent mortgage backed securities, you say? Hmmmmm. Tsk tsk tsk.. And then… oh yeah baby, [...]


It’s Assembly-Line Fraud: Life in 2012 in the Municipal Bond Market; This Just After MF Global’s “Plausible Deniability” Theft of Customer Funds

30 Mar

It is beyond ridiculous.  JP Morgan is now the biggest municipal bond player (even after Jefferson County)  _ Oh it’s Institutionalized Fraud… No problem.. Yup. The policy is shifting as multi-billionaire fraud and bribery controls all of the financial world…   How to get capital allocated to you: Simple, bribe them. Then steal everything from [...]


World Wide Bank CEO Resignations

02 Mar

Came across this one thanks to one of our readers – we don’t say we know what it means, but we do say, “Things that make you go hmmmm”… 109 RESIGNATIONS FROM WORLD BANKS 3/1/12   UPDATED 3/01/12 Removed duplicate entry for Nomura, added 2 more resignations. Updated links to Sri Lanka and Ukraine to [...]


When Fraud is Not Fraud: When You’re a Banker

24 Feb

How is it possible that the simple rule of law does not apply to Banks? Witht he recent resport that 84% of all foreclosures going through the system are illegal; how is it that the foreclosures continue to go on? Why hasn’t a national moratorium imposed a stop to all foreclosures until such time as [...]


Getting Down to the Truth on Citizens United, Justice Powell and The American Chamber of Commerce

24 Feb

There is a great deal of noise out there regarding Citizens United; there is a serious need for clarity and understanding of the true underlying legal precepts and concepts in order to properly address this serious issue of keeping money out of politics. There are critically important reasons to AVOID a Constitutional Amendment in dealing [...]


San Francisco Audit Reveals 84% of Foreclosures Illegal; Experts Say Statistic Applies Nationwide. Just Lost Your House? Not to Worry – It was Most Likely Stolen From You.

23 Feb

As we watch the foreclosure mills continue to grind people out of homes at ever increasing rates, a new audit out of San Francisco finds that 84 percent fo the foreclosures being conducted are illegal. And, futher, that this statistic is applicable nationwide. So for all you homeowners finding that nothing has changed and that [...]


Fitch Raises Iceland’s Rating; Says “unorthodox crisis policy response has succeeded.”

23 Feb

Is it too late for the rest of the world to take a lesson from Iceland’s playbook? This week Business Week reports that Fitch has raised the island’s rating to Investment grade while stating that their ““unorthodox crisis policy response has succeeded.”  Take that in. The rating agency is essentially saying that protecting its citizens [...]


Criminal Ongoing Greek Tragi-Comedy; Spreading Global Crime

22 Feb

Max and Stacy bring the latest on the world criminal banking racket. From Greece to the U.K. banker and spreading trickle down crime…