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Bloomberg Reports on Another Slap on the Wrist for Criminal Behavior for Wells Fargo

20 Jul

Bloomberg reports this incredibly biased story on the Wells Fargo criminal behavior where we learn that Wells Fargo is the one telling us how many borrowers may be eligible for the ‘compensation’ and that the Fed Board, well, guess what? Is going to take their word for it – oh and it will cost Wells [...]


Silver: What’s all the Hubbub? Everyone’s abuzz about Silver – What’s the Real Story?

26 Apr

The world is awash in points of view on the precious metals this week as silver and gold both reach out and touch unprecedented highs and then slip back a notch – What’s all the noise about? Is it really that silver is in a ‘speculative run’? Investors Beware of Another Bubble in Silver Prices [...]


The Senate Investigative Report: Goldman Accused of Perjury by Levin: It’s Time to Bring On The Criminal Charges

19 Apr

  Here is the full 650 Page Report: (4-13-11) – Wall Street & the Financial Crisis – Anatomy of a Financial Collapse This is a broad reaching report from Max and Stacy From perjury to escalating gold and on to the unraveling of the American economy. In today’s Keiser Report Stacy and Max cover the [...]


Phoenix Capital Research on Zero Hedge: Looking Like You KNow What You’re Talking About Doesn’t Mean That You Do

01 Apr

We ran across this piece today while reading up on the reports that Wal-Mart’s head of operations is calling for serious price inflation in the US starting as early as June and a few other charming bits ot news we are not seeing covered anywhere in the lamestream media and we thought we’d post it [...]


Ted Rall’s Call To Arms: If Americans were getting the bailout given to the Olicarchs it would mean $335,000. to every American.

29 Nov

We can do better – and that is what we want to do. – Award winning clartoonist Ted Rall’s call to arms to America…


Quantitative Easing Explained – or “Did you Hear About the Fed?

15 Nov

This makes a lot of things very clear very simply. And, oh, yeah… it’s all factually correct. Sorry about that.