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The Show is On A Coherent View of the Global Financial Plan

09 Dec

In case you were confused about where we are headed or what the plan is – [some may require  review of the BIS, banking families, origin of the FED  and chain of command in the international banking cartel] in its now imploding daisy chain in the re-hypothecated madness of the UK/EU meltodown in order to [...]


Matt Taibbi on Max Keiser: TALF, Goldman, Carl Levin, And the Bankers Propaganda of America

27 Apr

Two of the best investigators into the criminal financial crisis come together to discuss Matt’s latest piece “The Housewives of Wall Street”. If you are interested in the back story of the FED and TALF and the FED’s emergency lending – who’s on that list?! Senator Sanders gave Matt a call to go over the [...]


The Senate Investigative Report: Goldman Accused of Perjury by Levin: It’s Time to Bring On The Criminal Charges

19 Apr

  Here is the full 650 Page Report: (4-13-11) – Wall Street & the Financial Crisis – Anatomy of a Financial Collapse This is a broad reaching report from Max and Stacy From perjury to escalating gold and on to the unraveling of the American economy. In today’s Keiser Report Stacy and Max cover the [...]


Making it Official: Budget Cuts to NonProfits Who Help Low and Middle Income Homeowners The Cruelest Cut?

18 Apr

In this piece from Naked Capitalism, Doug Smith lays out not only the cruelty and carelessness of the Too Big To Fails mindless support from Government as they cut the budgets to those who assist homeowners, but also its downright stupidity. Ah, but what else is new? In the midst of millions of foreclosures, the [...]


Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Wakes Up From Dead Sleep?

14 Apr

In an interesting twist the OCC has suddenly come to life in a world where it was almost getting to the point that it was a clear and sure thing that everyone was in a coma when it comes to Federal Regulating and Bank Fraud. Pay close attention to the details here – there is [...]


World’s Largest Bond Fund Bails On US Treasuries – Exclusive from ZeroHedge

14 Apr

Hmmm, when Bill Gross drumps treasuries, people listen? Sort of… But what do they do when he SHORT S Treasuries? Well, if you’re not sure what is the future of the debt ridden US, this could be what they call a clue…  Here are the two stories that were offering a hint. Back in March, [...]


Jesse’s Cafe: What the Mainstream Media Ignores – America Needs to Know…

13 Apr

These two pieces come from Jesse’s Cafe and highlight just what we have been seeing these last few months. The hubbub dies down, the noise returns, the truth gets buried again. Joe Stiglitz has his say, and that’s at least a good thing, but notice where the piece has been carried.. no mainstream media here… [...]


The Foreclosure Mess is NOT Over: Rochester New York Fannie Mae Eviction of Widow Whose Payments were Refused By Fannie

04 Apr

In another brillian example of the bureaucracy at its finest a widow whose husband died without a will and who was not on the mortgage herself, and who has been ready willing and able to pay was evicted by local police as neighbors went to jail for attempting to stop the eviction. And, yes, based [...]


Phoenix Capital Research on Zero Hedge: Looking Like You KNow What You’re Talking About Doesn’t Mean That You Do

01 Apr

We ran across this piece today while reading up on the reports that Wal-Mart’s head of operations is calling for serious price inflation in the US starting as early as June and a few other charming bits ot news we are not seeing covered anywhere in the lamestream media and we thought we’d post it [...]


Keiser Report: “Fed Says Average American Household lost 20%” But Average Net Worth of Billionaires Increased by 25% at the Same Time…

31 Mar

Ah – the billionaire doers according to Steve Forbes are ‘creating the wealth” which is “good for everyone”  hmmmm.  How did that happen?  If it’s true, then how did the average American lose 23% of their wealth? Not a match? Oh that’s okay – Glen Beck is blaming the unions for the loss of wealth [...]