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Max and Stacy: Dollar Days Hit Global Central Banks & True Monetary Education and Reform with Bill Still – Should be Required Viewing for ALL People of the World. Take Back the Money Power

20 Sep

Social Unrest. Wild Dollar Printing- by European Central Banks, Japanese Banks, Swiss Banks – Whoo Hoo – For everyone but the Tax Payers. – Part One. Bill Still gives perhaps one of the BEST educational pieces we’ve ever seen on the current monetary system, what is wrong with it, and what we absolutely need to [...]


Bill Still SR-13 March 29th 2010

29 Mar

Bill Still reports on the end of the NASA manned space program in order to turn NASA’s attention to the problem of global warming. The Constellation Program is Sacraficed for the price of 1 Billion while Trillions are frittered away on Big Bank Bailouts and Federal DEBT owed to these same big banks.


Bill Still – Master Educator on Banks, Money, History & the US Monetary System

21 Mar

From “The Money Masters” video made over a decade ago to his current reporting and video work from “The Secret of Oz” to the SR’s Still Reports – Bill Still has been a tireless champion of education for the people on the monetary system and US Banking. Here’s the latest: SR 12 Media Hits & [...]


SR Videos Still Reports on the Economy – SR 7, 8 9 & 10

21 Mar

Bill Still Reports SR 10 – January 9th, 2010 ***** Bill Still Reports SR 9 – January 1st, 2010 ***** Bill Still Reports SR 8 December 31st, 2009 ***** Bill Still Reports SR 7 December 2009 *****