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Bill Black’s Response to Obama’s 40,000 Feet Non Speak

26 Dec

While there has been quite a bit of coverage of Bill’s initial post – Dante’s Divine Comedy Bankster Style, this second post is, in our opinion, more concise, and direct in its calling out of the flaws in the Bush/Obama response to the financial crisis and the reality of what the Dodd Frank Bill did [...]


Dylan Ratigan Interviews Two of Our Favorites: David DeGraw and Bill Black

19 Oct

This week brought us a great interview between Dylan Ratigan, David DeGraw and Bill Black.  Happy watching.    


Bill Black on Dylan Ratigan: No Investigations, No Convictions, No Nothing

03 Dec

Bill Black points out again, as he and Ratigan discuss the movie Inside Job that there are still no investigations, and nothing has been done to recover the stolen monies of the US taxpayers as the mortgage crisis continues and nothing is being done to protect either homeowners in crisis or taxpayers now paying for [...]


William Black and Lisa Epstein on Dylan Ratigan: Stop the Fraud, Stop the Foreclosures

25 Oct

It is really quite refreshing to have some real news coverage on the main stream media – we have no idea, really, how or why it is happening, but we welcome it. The ho hum news about Bank of  America and the errors they are finding (they say 4% error rate – we say no [...]


The Original William Black Control Fraud Video Resurfaces

20 Oct

We were interested to note that a piece we posted originally in our work many months ago is now resurfacing all over the place online.  So we figured, why not us too? We also highly recommend the Bill Moyers interview with Bill Black – which you can find here. In this compelling and full length [...]


Black is Back: When all Else Fails, Find the Foreclosure Facts

19 Oct

As anyone who has been reading us any length of time knows, we are big fans of Bill Black. (well you notice, don’t you that his video series is STILL the centerpiece of our homepage, right? There IS a reason for that!) He’s been bringing us the real story and the underlying facts to that [...]


Bill Black Reminds B of A That Bigotry is Not an Attribute or a Talent

07 Sep

In this latest guest post from Bill Black on Naked Capitalism, we revisit the age old issue of bigotry, and get a lesson in civics from German leadership as B of A continues to play deaf and dumb. Will B of A wake up? There is no time like the present. Bill Black: Band of [...]


William Black on Naked Capitalism: Theoclassical Law and Economics Makes The Law an Ass

31 Aug

William Black: Theoclassical Law and Economics Makes the Law an Ass from naked capitalism by Yves Smith 3 people liked this By William K. Black, Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One One of the great [...]


Bill Black on Why Cover ups of Fraud Impair Recovery

31 Aug

Why Covering up Fraud Losses Impairs Economic Recovery. Part One. Part One: The Unbearable Lightness of the Accounting Cover Up Bad bankers, bad regulators, and bad politicians love to cover up losses, fraud, and bank failures. The snake oil peddlers pushing for a cover up scream that if losses are recognized capitalism will collapse. Recognizing [...]


William K. Black on Max Keiser – A Must Watch Event

26 Aug

Bill Black on Max Keiser Need we say more? Tier Terra Capital is part one of the show; Bill Black is part 2. A super show.