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New Bill Black Video: Criminal Charges Must be Laid

03 Feb

Here is the newest Bill Black Video on the economic crisis. Paul Jay interviews Mr. Black on the political background of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and the results of the Commission’s report. “The commission, and congress, are not willing to use the F word.  Fraud. Those descriptions of the causes of the crisis clearly [...]


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Max Keiser in a Very Sobering Series of Conversations – Must Watch for All Americans

15 Dec

Dr. Paul Craid Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in this interview with Max Keiser covers how the IMF has moved in to take over the Euro-zone and being used to force the populations of the countries of europpe to pay back American banks. Why are these European governments still in power as they [...]


Beinki Video: What’s Next After Crashing JP Morgan? Beinki’s Solution

15 Dec

This video is a great piece for those who are looking for some historical background on the US and monetary controls; as well as some very cogent thoughts on what is at stake and what it will take to solve the monetary problem from an ‘average Joe’ – definitely a little piece worth watching for [...]


The Truth About Banks – 3 Part Bank Truth From Zeitgeist Videos

05 Dec

Oh these are quite good. Debt backed central bank money, the federal reserve and more… this is a short but mostly accurate coverage of the history of the formation of the super state of the federal reserve and now IMF, World Bank and how they have controlled the world ever since… Manipulating the money supply [...]


Fraud Caused the Crash of 1929 and The Great Depression & It Caused the Economic Crisis We Are in Today

31 Oct

Washington’s Blog covers the fraud which has brought us here, yet again… In the present crisis, as Mr. Black points out, “The decisive role that “accounting control frauds” played in driving the current crisis is clear.” Fraud Caused the 1930s Depression and the Current Financial Crisis from Washington’s Blog by George Washington Robert Shiller – [...]


Naked Capitalism Reports: Bank of America Suspends Foreclosures in All States

08 Oct

Bank of America Suspends Foreclosures in All States from naked capitalism by Yves Smith We have been saying for some time that the affidavit problem that has led GMAC, Bank of America, and JP Morgan to suspend foreclosures in 23 judicial states could not be limited to these states. The robo signing of affidavits was [...]


Seems Simple Enouogh: Free Markets Require REAL LAWS Against Fraud – From Washington’s Blog

12 Sep

Washington’s Blog provides this excellent piece on what it will take to fix this economic crisis. Not missing a beat he includes all the relevant and important views, issues and underlying realities which need to be considered as we work our way through the mess. From Bill Black to Yves Smith, Barrons to NYT’s and [...]


Michael Krieger Guest Post on Max Starting with the Mark Twain Quotes This Piece is All Good.

06 Sep

Micael Krieger is an excellent writer and this gues post on Max Keiser is no exception. If you do not have the historical background on the Fed and the current manipulation of the US and the Fed then both the links at the end of this piece are for you. Happy Labor Day Guest Post: [...]


Denninger Picks Up Where Black Left Off: FDIC MUST Follow the Law

04 Sep

Karl Denninger and Bill Black have been talking about the Prompt Corrective Action law for some time; it appares at least for now, one jude is listening… The FDIC Cannot Ignore The Law, Then Abuse It In a word, “good” Judge Dwight H. Williams Jr. of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montgomery, Ala., on Tuesday [...]


LivingLies Gets to the Bottom of MERS; Surprise, Surprise… Not Really.

03 Sep

Hat tip to J for passing this one along to us; MERS in the spotlight on the Foreclosure Issue: We have uploaded and linked to the full deposition locally at the end of this article. This piece from make it very clear just what the underlying reality is when it comes to MERS. Hmm; [...]