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MyBudget360 Covers the FDIC Quarterly Report Out This Week: Holding on by a Thread.

02 Sep

FDIC holding banking system by a thread – $13.2 trillion in assets backed by -$15.2 billion Deposit Insurance Fund. 19 Banks hold 50 percent of all banking assets out of 7,830 institutions. What needs to be done to restore the banking system for the American public. Posted by mybudget360 in FDIC, bailout, banks, bubbles, debt, [...]


The Doctor is in: Dr. Housing Bubble on Mozillo and the Toxic Option Arm: Still Running its Course as Mozillo Stands Trial for Fraud

01 Sep

As we’ve been saying for some time, Option Arms are just one of the many crazed loans created in the bubble – but Option Arms have a special distinction because they are actually NEG AM (the principle keeps growing every month) and killing the equity ratios of homeowners. Thanks again to Dr. Housing Bubble for [...]


Modern History: Were the Last 40 Years Just A Series of Financially Manipulated Big Bubbles?

24 Mar

Tim Iacono examines the question of whether there was really any ‘prosperity’ at all in the last 40 years. Pointing out that from within our limited perspective of an average lifetime, it may be that ‘normal’ is only a relative term. Could it be that this has merely been 40 years of fiat currency finance [...]


Rennaisance 2.0 Lesson 1

24 Mar

This new video from Damon Vrabel covers the history which has been largely ignored over the last 100 years. This powerful video will go a long way to explain where we are and how we ended up where we are today. Here’s Damon’s introduction: I’ve recently started an online video series, Renaissance 2.0, in the [...]


The Jerome Daly Court Case, The Federal Reserve and the Minnesotta Justice of the Peace Court

23 Mar

Here is a great piece of work done by the Above Top Secret Web Site: Jerome Daly, The Federal Reserve, & The Credit River Decision Topic started on 18-8-2008 @ 07:57 PM by Jerome_Daly Ok so I was doing a lot of research on the Federal Reserve and our monetary system as a whole. What [...]


The Money Masters – Support Monetary Reform Today!

19 Mar

No History of US Monetary Systems and indeed global monetary systems, would be complete without Bill Still’s Money Masters. This work is so compelling, and so complete that it will leave you finally illuminated as to the matters of finance in the modern world and on the path to change it. For if any man [...]


A Little Education on Money

10 Mar

It’s been over a decade since I first read “Modern Money Mechanics” a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago… But I have not forgotten its contents, nor the clarity of its description of just how our money is ‘created’ by the banks. This video is a great little introduction to the larger picture. [...]