Chain Chain Chain Chain of [Title] Fools

24 Sep

Tonight nothing would please us more than to put the video segment from the movie MICHAEL with this song as its feature… but youtube doesn’t want to allow an embed of that link.

So we’ve linked to it as a blank target so you can pull it up as you read – just to put you in the mood… (don’t worry, it starts with no sound, give it a second, it will come on..oh yeah it will.)

“But I found out – I’m just a link in your Chain You got me right where you want me, I aint nothin’ but your fool. You treated me mean, you treated me cruel” Chain Chain Chain Chain of fools.”

If that is not the theme song of the American homeowner to the banks, well, nothing more to be said there.

Except that the game may, be in the end of the song… the ‘one of these mornings, the chain is gonna break” part. Because it turns out that if you just keep passing around phony paper on things as important as rights of ownership of underlying debt obligations on such things as real property, you just break the title of the debt instrument; you cannot break the title of the property in terms of possession; but you can destroy its capacity to be transacted between parties.

So what happens when all these fraudulent foreclosures, forged notes and affidavits, broken transfers of holder status of notes and deeds of trust all come onglued and fall into a heap of useless improperly documented transactions on the floor?

Who gets to say where title vests that that point? Seems logical there is only one party to the transaction who has that power, and it aint the banks.

Chain Chain Chain. Chain of fools.
Oh, and it aint the government or the Freddie and Fannie either.

It’s actually the only person whose live signature is on the real documents and that is going to be very interesting indeed. When the only bonafide signatures belong to the people and all the rest of the documentation shows evidence of bad acts, malfeasance, tampering and huckstering, there can only be one outcome.

If anyone knows and/or cares how to enforce it.

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