Could Be Karl’s Got a Point Here… B of A Might Ought To Worry More About Warren’s CFPB Than Protecting Their “Image”

22 Dec

In his latest post, Karl Denninger notes that B of A is busy buying up domain names of their top execs and etc with the word ‘sucks’ attached…

And that this may not be their biggest problem…

Turns out he might be dead on it: it’s not what Ms. Warren says nearly so much as what she is DOING – and this is his point:

“But perhaps – just perhaps – indictment is not the banks’ biggest problem, nor is public embarrassment from Wikileaks.

Perhaps the real risk for the banks is this:

Elizabeth Warren has spent some time “reaching out” to bankers, trying to assure them that she’s not some wild-eyed Bolshevik out to burn down the banking house. That was all well and good while it lasted. Anyone really interested in reading the early warning signs as to which way the CFPB winds will be blowing once that body is formally launched next summer, however, can get a better idea by paying attention to what Ms. Warren does, not what she says. This past week’s appointment of Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, who lost his re-election bid last month, as the CFPB’s head of “enforcement” tells me that the CFPB is going to be very bank-unfriendly.

I’ll be damned.

Heh Moynihan – you might want to be a little more concerned about that than buying up a few hundred domain names that all claim you suck.

After all, this is the guy who has made it quite clear that he’s very interested in seeing this happen:

Handcuffs by genesis

For what it’s worth, so am I.

Best-a-luck jackass.”

All we can say is that we sure as hell hope he is right on this one. And yes, we are thrilled that Cordray was picked up by Warren – and wondering as we are with the Florida Grayson move – what the heck is it that the people do not get in this current fraud created crisis that they have managed to let go of these elected officials who were actually DOING what needed to be done when it comes to the banks?

Or is there really no such thing as a real election anymore that the banks do not own and control? Just wondering out loud here…


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