Crashing the Dollar = Cost of Living Increases. Is Anyone Watching How They Play Us?

25 Oct

Well, yes, Karl is watching.

He keeps telling us, as well.

Goldman ‘Demands’ FED print 4TRILLION?  Well, that IS the word on the web – for what it’s worth. And it is having its worth – as he points out in this piece. The dollar took a ‘header’ as he said.

What bothers us about this is that most Americans do not seem to comprehend that the dollar could do what other currencies have done – and could do it without much warning or precedent.  And it would not be pretty for any of us living here.

OPEC is already saying they want 100$ a barrel oil if they have to stay pegged to the dollar – and if anyone knows anything about the PETRODOLLAR and why when we ‘captured’ Baghdad the first thing we did was to put the oil exports of that nation beck to Dollars from Euros, where the evil empire had taken it – then they realize that this actually matters to us. well, enough said on that topic for now.

Point is, a crashing dollar gets the FED and Treasury in a better place to deal with the crisis they’ve created, but it doesn’t do much for Americans.

Here We Go Again….. Dollar Debasement

Goldman came out with a report basically demanding (you know how these guys are) $4 trillion in money printing – so says the FX chatter and Zerohedge.

The result?  The dollar took an instant header, down more than a 1/2% this evening alone.

How about the price of some of the things sensitive to threats of monetary debasement?  These are all price changes since the futures started trading this evening – that is, they’re six hour changes in price. These are all things you need to buy, either directly or indirectly.

Oil, up 1%.

Wheat, up 1.49%.

Corn, up 2.05%.  (Oh yeah, and ethanol on your gas will soon be mandated to be 15%, not 10%.)

Soy, up 1.5%.

Rough Rice, up 1.51%.

Oats, up a stunning 4.27% (!)

Cotton is lock-limit up 500 ticks.  To be fair there’s a crop disruption related to Cotton, which is adding to the problem.  Dollar debasement, of course, isn’t helping.

Remember, these are all soft commodities we produce right here at home. These aren’t import prices, they’re home-grown products (excepting oil, of course.)

And they’re moving – at anywhere from double to eight times the devaluation in the dollar.

The stock futures, of course, are skyrocketing, with the Dow futures up nearly 100 points.  After all, everyone loves the market impact of you going broke trying to buy food – especially if you’re not rich, and most of America isn’t.

This is all quite impressive.  And what’s even more impressive is that Bernanke and our government will, of course, claim that there is “no inflation”, because they don’t count the rise in the price of food or energy – even though every person in America has to buy those things.

Bernanke’s “inflation target” of 2% a year was just met – literally – in less than six hours.

But don’t expect him to stop.

He’s will do this every day for the rest of the year, and into next year.

He won’t stop unless someone removes him from office.

And there is no indication that anyone is going to do that.

Remember, both the Republicans and Democrats love Ben Bernanke.  Obama renominated him and both Republicans and Democrats have lauded him for allegedly “saving us from a second Depression” – even though it is now clear that he knew what the banks were doing and he lied to both Congress and The American People about it.

That is, the truth is that he helped the banks CAUSE the Depression we are in right now.  In a just world and a nation of laws he’d be serving a life sentence breaking rocks.

We don’t live in that world, and if you’re not wealthy, you’re screwed – on purpose – by these very people.

All you can do, America, is bend over and a find a stick for your teeth.

This one’s going to hurt.

A lot.


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