Crime Shouldn’t Pay – National Moviement to Hold Banks Accountable to State AGs

20 Feb

There is a petition going our from CRIME SHOULDN’T PAY .COM supporting a strong action by the 50 Attorneys General around the country to hold the bankers accountable for their criminal behavior.

You can read all about it at their site – here is a little of the story:

The 50 state Attorneys General are currently investigating the big banks’ mortgage fraud activities that caused millions of us to lose our homes as well as the economic collapse of our communities and country.  We know that the big bankers and their friends are currently lobbying the Attorneys General for a quick settlement that lets them off the hook for their crimes.

We can’t let that happen.  Any strong settlement must hold the big banks accountable, and include the five main points from the “Homeowner’s Bottom Line.” Nothing less is acceptable.

Download the more detailed version of the “Homeowner’s Bottom Line.”

Sign the petition calling for a strong settlement against the big banks.

The Homeowner’s Bottom Line


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