Damon Vrabel: Debunking Money Myths From Balance Sheets to Debt Based Money

09 Oct

Monolithic Usury

Damon Vrabel’s latest video is another ground breaking piece of educational work which none of us can ignore should we wish to restore balance and order in our world.

We strongly encourage everyone to review the full series of Renaissance 2.0 videos in the debt based system section of this site. Without knowledge of money, monetary systems and the current private banking debt based monetary system there is no way to create new solutions and alternatives which can work for everyone.

As Max and Stacy note on their blog:

The power delivered to a small group of people by our current privately controlled monetary system is unmatched by any source of power in history. This video reveals the secret that nobody else bothers to point out that explains why everyone in the system is basically controlled by the most senior capital holders behind the elite banks, and why even senior government officials do their bidding while letting them get away with the biggest crimes in history.

Understanding the basic structure of the system also reveals why Ellen Brown’s notion of commonwealth banks is a necessary complement to our current private monetary system.

Money, Myth, and Machiavelli


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