Daom Vrabel Part 3 of his De-Bunking Money Series: Financial Power – Considering Some “Suggested Solutions”

01 Nov

Debunking Money #3: Corporate PR, Financial Power, and Evaluating Some Popular “Solutions”

What is the biggest source of power in the world? Lesson 1 discussed the issue of financial power, but for those who haven’t lived in the world of balance sheet power it may still seem like a vague theoretical notion.

After a short intro about the need to restore the authentic real world vs. the fake corporate PR world, this lesson digs into financial power in more detail, explains how you might think of it in terms of the power parents have over children, and then evaluates some of the popular solutions being discussed in the political realm:

- ending the fed
- cutting back on government in the interest of a “free market”
- putting the banks through bankruptcy.


Main lesson:


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