David DeGraw On the Edge with Max Keiser: Will America Wake Up and Move Beyond the Mass Media Progogated Divide and Conquer at Long Last or Condintue to Fall Victim to the Mass Mind Control of Modern Mass Media Mind Control?

16 Mar

This is a powerful and very important and needed broadcast which addresses up front the left right two side media control of all thinking that is going on in the US today from Wisconsin to Washington – and how we can jump the system and take a new look at the world through the eyes of non conformist non controlled vision of the world and the system as it stands today.

Once again David DeGraw makes a clear statement about how the Mass Media is the strongest and most powerful control factor in the US – and points out how, if we can get beyond divide and conquer we can actually turn the tide without a whole lot of fuss. The question is only whether or not we will.

Video 1

Video 2

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