Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Max Keiser in a Very Sobering Series of Conversations – Must Watch for All Americans

15 Dec

Dr. Paul Craid Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in this interview with Max Keiser covers how the IMF has moved in to take over the Euro-zone and being used to force the populations of the countries of europpe to pay back American banks. Why are these European governments still in power as they allow the IMF to conquers the nations of Europe on behalf of the rogue US banks. As Mr. Roberts points out:

One of the reasons the US mainstream media is focusing so much attention on the European crises, from nation to nation, is to continue to extend the life of the US Dollar as world reserve currency…

Part 2

Part 3


In synopsis, Dr. Roberts says, no one respects the constitution, the congress doesn’t, the law schools don’t the administration doesn’t. They’ve gotten away with the claims that the President of the US doesn’t have to obey the constitution, the laws against torture, the rights of the American people… If the leaders don’t believe in Democracy, then there’s nothing you can do – as the people keep allowing these things to happen.

The [sic]Democrats, cannot do anything to combat the Republicans; because both parties are controlled by the money cartel.
How would you stop the kleptocracy that eating the soul of America?

What I would do would not be possible. I would investigate, prosecute and imprison the corrupt bankers and recreate the banking system. But there is no political party that has the power to do that.
The American people do not seem to care about liberty – so there is no one to do the job…

The banks own the Department of Justice. The banks own the house, they own the Senate, they own the government. The private oligarchies own the United States government. It cannot go against those interests. They’ve taken it all.


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