Dylan Ratigan: MSNBC: Fraudclosure Video with Attorneys Michael Pines and Matt Weidner

16 Oct

Dylan Ratigan has been doing some great shows over the months with expers explaining how the financial mess came to be, what the bailouts really did, and how the FED created this housing bubble and crisis.

In this latest piece he is taking on the Fraudclosure of families being booted out of homes and broken in on by lenders who cannot even identify what is owed or to whom it is owed.  Michael Pines, a CA attorney we’ve been watching and hearing about for some months now is interviewed in his role as counsel tot he Earl family of Simi California – Great Story and great coverage of the reality of this ongoing unraveling of the massive mortgage fraud.

In the second part of the story we hear from Matt Weidner another attorney we have been following here on – and his client whose home was broken into while she was there by banking personnel come to change her locks when she was not even yet foreclosed!

Hat tip to reader Rachel for passing this one on to us. :)


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