FDL: White House to Americans: We Won’t Stop Foreclosure Fraud

11 Oct

White House to America: We Won’t Stop Foreclosure Fraud

By: masaccio Sunday October 10, 2010 3:27 pm

Banksters have been cheating people on foreclosures for months, maybe years. David Axelrod says he’s just sure the Banksters will correct this aberration, and the White House is working closely with them on this important project. Axelrod expects them to “reconstruct their paperwork” quickly, and get back to the important business of evicting people from their homes.

No doubt he speaks for the boys on the White House economics team, Geithner, Summers and Bernanke, when he says the administration doesn’t support a national moratorium on foreclosures.

I get a sinking feeling hearing that the White House is encouraging a bunch of liars and cheats to “reconstruct” paperwork. I thought that was the big problem: banksters and their hired guns are making up documents and lying in affidavits and directly to courts, not to mention stonewalling customers while extracting their last few dollars in the vain hope of a mortgage modification.

Perhaps this will fire up Obama’s Wall Street buddies for this election, but they don’t have enough votes to overcome those of newly homeless people.


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