From Title to FBI the ForeclosureGate/Fraudclosure and Beyond Washington’s Blog LayS Out the Links

24 Oct

We have to say it’s been a helluva month or so – after all these months of watching,documenting and putting it all out there and thinking we could not be putting up all these articles from all these brilliant thinkers and cogent observers and NOT have anyone notice, well it is nice to see the subject at least get SOME attention beyond the ‘Dead beat homeowner’ shtick of the ruling plutocracy…

So thanks as ever to the diligent reporters, writers and individuals who bring us the real story straight from the street where it is happening and for persevering until perhaps, it finally begins to break through the larger consciousness of the collective human psyche.

Developments in the Mortgage, Mortgage Backed Securities and Foreclosure Crises

from Washington’s Blog by George Washington

Here’s a round up of breaking stories today:


That pretty well lays it out for this 3rd weekend in October, 2010.

Keep your eye on the bouncing ball – it surely is bouncing…


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