Get Smart About Banks – An Introduction to Financial & Monetary Education

24 Mar

This site is designed to provide a broad base of information and education in the aresas of banking, finance and modern monetary policies and system.

Unfortunately, the vast changes to the monetary systems and world finance are for the most part, completely outside the awareness of  the average American today. This makes us, as a society, and as a culture, vulnerable to massive manipulation, and unable to discern the difference between propaganda and fact when it comes to our modern system of money, our individual financial decisinos and the stweardship of our individual financial lives.
The site is broken up into four main areas:

Banking News, which provides articles and newsfeeds from a variety of sources reporting on current news and conditions in the banking world;
Finance and Economy, which provides news and information on larger economic and global financial events;
US Banking Current Events, which covers the unraveling story of the housing mortgage crisis and current events, and analysis from leading educators and researches; and finally,
US Banking History, which provides various historical materials and backgroun on the monetary system and banking rules and laws which have governed the US since it’s founding.

We also highlight exceptional and particularly illuminating materials in the blog.

We welcome your comments and feedback through the comment links on the pages within the site. Feel free to contact us by writing to admin@ the site.

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