Getting Down to the Truth on Citizens United, Justice Powell and The American Chamber of Commerce

24 Feb

There is a great deal of noise out there regarding Citizens United; there is a serious need for clarity and understanding of the true underlying legal precepts and concepts in order to properly address this serious issue of keeping money out of politics.

There are critically important reasons to AVOID a Constitutional Amendment in dealing with this obscenity of law they call Citizens United; not the least of which is that it is not necessary in order to actually solve the problem.

As the articles below will attest and clarify, the issue is not one of corporate personhood but of money in politics; not one of constitutional bias but of a failure to uphold the constitution and existing law as written.  Corporations have now been given carte blanche by virtue of an idea which has no ground in law: that Money is equal to Speech. But money is NOT speech; and a 40 plus year campaign by the plutocrats to alter the way this nation and its politics operate will take a little more serious study by her people than simply rushing into the unproven and precarious land of constitutional amendments.

We highly recommend the following articles as required reading on the subject:

Five reasons why a constitutional amendment is the wrong way to get money out of politics


The Problem With Citizens United Is Not Corporate Personhood


Reversing Citizens United: stripping the Roberts 5 of power over elections


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